Hoboken Public Safety Director Jon Tooke to retire at the end of the month


The City of Hoboken has announced that Public Safety Director Jon Tooke, who took over the post in August 2011 and earned a salary of $110,000 a year, will be retiring on November 30.

Jon Tooke

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“On behalf of the citizens of Hoboken, I thank Jon so much for his service and wish him the very best in the future,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said in a statement.

“He started this position a few weeks early so he could be in Hoboken to assist with the response to Hurricane Irene, and ever since he has been an integral part of keeping our community safe, including starting up a successful Class II officer program.”

Tooke also expressed his thanks for being to provide his services to Hoboken, though did not provide a specific reason as to why he was retiring.

“I have greatly enjoyed and am thankful for the opportunities I have had to add value to public safety and improve preparedness in Hoboken,” Tooke said in the same statement.

Before starting his position with the City of Hoboken in 2011, Mr. Tooke was national training coordinator for FBI-LEEDA for three years and served for nearly 30 years in the Jersey City Police Department.

Angel Alicea, Hoboken’s public safety director before Tooke, settled litigation with the city back in February for $700,00.

In December 2013, a Hudson County Superior Court jury ruled in December 2013 that Alicea had discriminated against Alicea, who was a part-time employee who earned $27,000 a year, although they also ruled that Zimmer did not participate in the same practice.

As a a result, Alicea was awarded over $1 million in damages and the City of Hoboken appealed the decision.

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  1. Class II is not a successful program as the Mayor would like you to believe. The reason for Tooke’s departure? Tooke, like other competent Directors, have regularly had their professional advice ignored by the Mayor. Last year despite the urging of Tooke as well as fire and schools board president the Mayor refused to have the streets cleared by the county who were prepared to do so at her request. For ten days she ignored the professional advice. She had stated that the City did not have the resources to clear the streets of snow and ice. I commend Tooke for stepping aside rather than violate professional standards of safety.

    • Do the craziest theories and conspiracies only come to mind at 12:30 am? Or are they thought of during the day and only posted when the clock strikes midnight?

      Regardless do you have actual evidence or details on the accusations you make? Can you link to this or provide it somehow? Or is this more of the same false accusations you normally make?