Hoboken police apologize to resident after retired cop tweets ‘Fake Newz’ from their Twitter


The Hoboken Police Department has issued a lengthy social media apology to a resident after a retired cop tweeted that her comment was “Fake Newz” from the official Hoboken PD Twitter account.

Screenshot via Twitter.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Ms Adair, many of your posts are just Fake Newz. Like this one, nobody is “victim blaming” “shaming” none of those “hot button words” that are designed to stifle and “shame” people for having an opinion,” a deleted Tweet from the Hoboken PD said today.

“Just saying to use common sense and look both ways, it’s called survival!”

The remarks came after Christine Adair tweeted that that it was “ugly to see the victim blaming comments” on a Saturday Twitter thread about a pedestrian being struck by a car.

This morning, shortly after the tweet was deleted, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said that the victim was in “good condition,” that the driver would be issued a summons and that the deleted tweet was used by someone not authorized to use that account.

About a half hour ago, the Hoboken Police Department Twitter account went into more detail about what had happened, explaining that a recently retired officer meant to tweet from his new account and accidentally used the HPD handle.

“A retired officer who used to have access to the Hoboken PD twitter page still had access on his phone despite passwords having been changed after his retirement. It was a technical error where the retired officer thought he was posting from his new personal account,” they explained.

“This was not done purposely and Lt. John Petrosino, who is the sole moderator of the
@HobokenPD account at this time and Chief Ferrante who is the sole user of
@KenFerrante both have spoken to the retired officer today to ensure he has disconnected his access.”

They continued that the statement were not a reflection of HPD or Ferrante, who fully support Vision Zero and assured that the HPD “does not use anonymous trolling accounts.”

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  1. he’s not wrong – Adair, and her crony Peter Kim are social media drama queens, unfortunately with a direct line to the Mayor’s & Kenny’s ear…

    Peter wants “all cars banned from hoboken” (via his twitter) solely because he rides a bike. Adair is on board with this nonsense because she cant be bothered to look both way before crossing the street.

    Immensely egocentric views by these 2 ‘new’ residents. essentially their view is: I live here now so get rid of the 150 years of history that came before me, and ignore the resident that have lived her for generations.

    go take a long walk on short pier