Hoboken Council President Giattino enters ever expanding mayoral race


Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino entered a crowded field and announced her candidacy into the mayoral race last night.


Giattino’s announcement came one week after the incumbent Dawn Zimmer announced she would not be seeking re-election and endorsed Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla to succeed her.

The 6th ward councilwoman and third time council president promised to continue several initiatives begun by Zimmer, however taking a critical stance on fresh ideas that will progress the city further.

In the same breath, Giattino, supported by Council members Tiffanie Fisher and Peter Cunningham, laid out the city’s issues and major commitments she will confront as mayor.

“Our Hoboken today is confronted with a host of issues old and new: our aging infrastructure which requires significant and continuous investment, our flooding concerns, keeping taxes flat in the face of rising municipal costs, making sure our streets are safe for everyone, and our unique landconstraints which creates the need to secure open space for future generations while we still can,” said Giattino.

Giattino also noted on the lack of administration support in uniting the public and private sectors to address “economic health and vitality” together.

In order to solve the economic shortcomings, the council president suggested accomplishing multiple “strategic plans” to attract jobs and businesses for Hoboken residents rather than building more residential towers that leads to an unnecessary surplus population.

“But, in any development that occurs, which is inevitable given the attraction to our town,
we will ensure that we determine the direction and that the benefits to our community far outweigh the costs,” said Giattino.

Giattino’s announcement came hours after Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) entered the mayoral contest.

Those who are already in the race include: Bhalla, 1st Ward Councilman Michael DeFusco, business owner Karen Nason, and local activist Ronald Bautista.

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