Hoboken Council Pres. Giattino submits 360 mayoral petitions


Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino was the first mayoral candidate to submit her 360 petitions for nomination this afternoon. 

Jen Giattino

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am honored to receive so much support from across Hoboken for my candidacy,” Giattino said in a statement.

“This is such an important election for all of Hoboken and I am encouraged that so many people share my vision for an agenda that addresses community needs, manages our explosive growth, and protects the quality of life we are so fortunate to enjoy.”

The mayoral hopeful added she will continue to collect further signatures between now and the deadline of September 5th for both her candidacy and for her city council slate.

She will be announcing her city council slate tomorrow, July 28th, at 12:30 pm in Church Square Park.

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