Hoboken BOE responds to referendum: ‘Our aim is to create an equitable educational experience’


The Hoboken Board of Education responded to last night’s $241 million referendum being voted down, stating in part that “our aim is to create an equitable educational experience.”

Hoboken BOE President Sharyn Angley.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We believe that local, long-term investment, which includes community involvement, in our education system, is important and necessary, and we look forward to discussing our plans moving forward,” the school district said in a statement to parents and guardians this afternoon.

“We will continue to reinforce that our aim is to create an equitable educational experience, with minimal financial impact, including shielding residents in the HHA or in PILOT’d properties from the impact altogether. We also want to reassure our pre-k population that this, or any project like it, would not threaten the free pre/k program.”

They also acknowledged the “support and dedication” of the Hoboken Public School District staff, as well as telling those who voted no or were unsure of the plan “we appreciate your concerns and feedback.”

The referendum was voted down by a 2-1 margin last night, with the electorate deciding that large amenities like a new football stadium, ice skating rink, black box theater, gym, and two auditoriums were not worth the $496 annual tax increase.

Many who voted no also indicated that they could not support a plan, which was first submitted to the state in September 2019, that did not have robust public input.

Since the plan was voted down by the community at large, the BOE cannot unveil a new school project for at least one calendar year.

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  1. It sounds like more of the same condescending arrogance.
    After what just happened Superintendent Johnson and the HBOE need to do more than just discuss any new plan they must include the residents of Hoboken at every stage and be fully transparent and honest about it.
    If they shut down and plot behind close doors for another year to produce another bloated take it or leave it proposal then the people of Hoboken will again reject it.

    • Absolutely!!
      “It sounds like more of the same condescending arrogance.”
      Absolutely!! Things are different now. The public has the say now. No matter what.

      They can not do anything without us. We are a force to be reckoned with. They just better not forget that. We will be here, right next to their heels. They will never pull a stunt like this again despite their continuing arrogance.

    • Much like the movie with Bill Murray this BOE will see the same results every time they try the same routine!

      “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”
      -Albert Einstein

  2. The board stating: “our aim is to create an equitable educational experience.” was not their aim with this over-the-top $241 million dollar sports complex. Their aim was an elitist wish list of an unreasonable project for certain parents that wanted that. At all those meetings I attended, and I attended all six, they never once talked about academics or the courses that matter in the world for high school students. They never talked about how to increase the test scores for students.

    Why did they not talk to the Hoboken High School Sophomore, Daniel Weintraub, who wrote a letter in support of the ‘NO’ vote about what high schoolers really need regarding their high school? They kept stressing the athletics over academics. This board is full of a lot of hot air.

  3. Has this group not “learned” anything from tuesday’s vote?
    This wasn’t a close vote.
    This ( No ) wasn’t a vote sponsored by developers or special interest groups that push carter or vouchers.
    This wasn’t a Vote By Mail harvest by old guard.
    This was the people from all across Hoboken making intelligent, researched ( with minimal info offered by these trustees ) telling this board and dr Johnson, NO.

    And FTR, there was NO referendum in 2004

    If this Board won’t involve the public or doesn’t show some humility and respect for the will of ALL of the people in town, well they can be voted out in November.
    The public is paying attention now and they are mobilized.