Hiram Gonzalez revealed as 4th member of Cirillo’s ‘West New York Forward’ ticket


Hiram Gonzalez, a local coach and program coordinator, has been revealed as the fourth member of Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo’s “West New York Forward” ticket.

Hiram Gonzalez. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … The Gonzalez family has a long and rich history in WNY and Hiram has constantly demonstrated his desire to give back to our hometown and nation. After graduating from Memorial High School as a proud Tiger, he selflessly joined the United States Marine Corps and honorably served while rising to the rank of Sergeant,” Cirillo said in a statement.

“A proud alumnus of Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Hiram has spent the entirety of his adult life working within the field of finance, gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge. He has been a coach with our Recreation Basketball Program for over a decade, and currently serves as Program Coordinator.”

He continued that Gonzalez is also a volunteer with the town’s little league and sponsored his own team recently, indicating that his commitment to service and strong financial background make him a good fit for the team.

According to his LinkedIn page, he also serves as the assistant finance director in neighboring Guttenberg, where Cirillo is the business administrator.

Gonzalez is the first non-elected to join WNY Forward, with Cirillo announcing Revenue and Finance Commissioner Margarita Guzman and outgoing Assemblyman Angelica Jimenez as running mates at the end of last year.

” … My many years of community service have been very rewarding and I feel blessed each day to positively impact so many lives. I am overjoyed to be running with an individual that I have seen firsthand do all he can to support the youth of our community,” Gonzalez added.

“Cosmo has constantly gone above and beyond to support our recreation programs, not only through the resources of Town Hall, but also by being physically present to cheer our teams on and be a great role model. I have not been politically involved in the past, but serving with a team led by Commissioner Cirillo is an opportunity that I cannot pass up. He will be an outstanding Mayor that will help West New York prosper.”

Former Congressman Albio Sires, also a former West New York mayor and state Assembly speaker, just made his candidacy official last week and is expected to reveal his ticket at a fundraiser on January 27th.

Another former mayor, Felix Roque, has teased a run for months and is widely expected to announce at an event on Thursday.

The non-partisan West New York municipal elections are on May 9th.

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