HHA Chairwoman Wefer announces potential shared services with WNY


Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer spoke one-on-one with Hudson County View regarding the aftermath of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia being fired one week ago, announcing a potential shared services agreement with the West New York Housing Authority – pending a vote by the board on Thursday.

Wefer sung the praises of West New York Housing Authority Executive Director Bob DiVincent, who served as the acting director of the HHA in 2006 and 2007, as well as new HHA Acting Director Richard Fox.

“We’re bringing in more than 60 years of executive director experience and I’m very, very confident that we will have the ship righted and we’ll be moving forward in a positive direction by the end of the year,” she said.

She also noted that just because a new director has taken over, housing authority residents have no reason to worry about being kicked out of their homes.

“There is absolutely no truth to that at all,” Wefer told the Hudson County View, when asked if there was any validity to the rumors that residents would soon be kicked out of housing buildings.

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