Guttenberg becomes 1st in North Hudson to join bike share program


The Town of Guttenberg became the first North Hudson municipality to join the local bike share program, which began in Hoboken about a year-and-a-half ago.


“We just saw the success that Hoboken and Bayonne were having, so we decided to piggyback here off their success. We’re the first town in North Hudson that’s gonna be rolling this out and segment it down towards West New York, Union City, Weehawken,” said Councilman Wayne Zitt, also the Democratic mayoral nominee.

“We hope that it’s gonna be a good expansion for all the residents in the neighboring communities also.”

Zitt said by simply using a bike share phone app, a bike can be reserved for anywhere from 45 minutes to an unlimited amount of time depending what the user wants to pay.

Outgoing Mayor Gerald Drasheff said the program brings a much needed added convenience to residents.

“It’s very tough for our residents to have a bike and keep it in your apartment, and so on. So this makes a bike available very easily, at a nominal, very reasonable price – compared to buying a bike, keeping a bike by yourself,” Drasheff said.

“We happen to be very centrally located North Hudson here, so it’s easy to use on the [Hudson] River, you’ve got plenty of places where you could buy something – it’ll be a great asset for all of our residents.”

Drasheff added that North Bergen is also working on a bike share deal, which would make the program span throughout the entire county (Weehawken is in the process of finalizing their deal).

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