Group of NJ Dominican officials endorse Mayor Felix Roque’s slate for re-election


The Dominican-American Elected and Appointed Officials Caucus of New Jersey has endorsed West New York Mayor Felix Roque’s re-election slate for the May 12 municipal election. 


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Mayor Roque has a strong record of accomplishments during these past four years,” said Manny Segura, the chairman of  DAEOC-NJ, in a statement.

“A city well on its way to prosperity, Mayor Roque has brought much-needed investment and holds a respectful, open-doors policy with the City’s small businesses, the back-bone of the city’s economy,”

“In times when many of our constituents face economic hardship we need an experienced and skilled representative, with a solid track record. The city is safer and stronger because of him. On May 12th we encourage everyone to help get him elected mayor; we stand with him 100%.”

Segura was honored as Dominican of the Year at West New York’s annual Dominican Independent Day celebration in February, where Margarita Guzman, who is also of Dominican descent, was revealed as the fifth and final member of Roque’s ticket.

The rest of his team consists of Cosmo Cirillo, Gabriel Rodriguez and Susan Colacurcio.

A racially tinged protest last Friday had the factions of Roque and Commissioner Count Wiley clashing over a protest outside town hall attacking Wiley for not having a Dominican candidate on his ticket.

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  1. Some endorsement! From a guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. A city on its way to economic prosperity??? Our debt increased by more than $20m during Roque’s tenure. And the only small businesses Roque supports are the ones who contribute $$ to him. Open door policy?

    What a farce!

    • Munoz you must be so upset! I saw you driving around last night with your buddy Pinto at like 2am lol you guys have no life! go take care of your wife buddy!

  2. People vote on racial makeup of the politicians. 3/4 of the County have no clue or care about the issues. They only care that if there name ends in a Z that there candidate is somewhat brown and also ends in a Z. Yeah I know sounds awful for me to state the 150% truth.

  3. WHAT? Pure Garbage. Roque bought this endorsment. What a shame.


  4. Where are Dan Alvarez and David Rivera to attack this person? Where are Wiley’s coyotes to destroy the honor of Manny Segura whom I have known for years. Manny is a serious and honorable person.

    Vote for column D and you will get 4 years of Wiley stealing the town. He has no ideas at all. He is a bully just like Dan Alvarez and David Rivera.

    Myrli Sanchez has NO bachelor’s degree. May be Hudson County TV or View should do a story on the educational background of Myrli. This woman cannot articulate a single sentence.

  5. Pablo,

    Just because you’re feeling the heat doesn’t mean that me and Dave are mean people.

    Just bask in your 24 hour glory. It’ll all be over with soon enough.

    • whats wrong dan? couldn’t sleep last night? if you spent half the time on real estate as you do on the computer you might actually make some money!

      • Raul Negrillo, don’t be upset that you and Espinal were exposed for questionable registration practices. Just accept it as a way of life. Don’t worry about my career, worry about getting your Producer’s License information correct, assuming that is, that you actually live in west new York and not in queens, NY.

    • Pablo, I’ll take you up on that offer. Hopefully this time around ex mayor Roque doesnt play little kids games like the last election and make false claims to the police and to his mother about his whereabouts. I think you’re just jealous that the seniors in west new York like him more than you and the mayor.