Gang task force sting results in 6 alleged gang members with ties to Jersey City arrested


A gang task force organized by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, with the assistance of of at least three other law enforcement agencies, resulted in the arrest of six alleged gang members with ties to Jersey City on Wednesday.

Photos courtesy of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Wednesday, following a seven-week investigation, the HCPO’s Gang Task Force,  along with officers from several partnering law enforcement agencies involved in the Jersey City Violent Crime Initiative, executed multiple search warrants and arrest warrants.

Approximately 100 law enforcement officers were involved in the operation.

There were a total of seven search warrants executed: four at residences in Jersey City, on on a residence in Lyndhurst and two were executed on vehicles, authorities said.

“The primary focus of this investigation was the arrest of individuals associated with Jersey City’s most violent gangs,” Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said in a statement.

“The seven-week investigation was a joint venture between the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Gang Task Force, the FBI, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and the Jersey City Police Department as a part of the Jersey City Violent Crime Initiative. The collaboration of these agencies and the positive results of this operation are an indication of how law enforcement agencies can work together for the benefit of the residents of Hudson County.”

Along with the six arrests, officials said they seized heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs, $6,500, four vehicles, a handgun and various amounts of ammunition.

Kashawn Cason, 21, of Jersey City, was charged with nine separated drug offenses related to heroin, marijuana and cocaine possession, as well as four firearm offenses, authorities said.

Additionally, Richard Lloyd, 20, of Jersey City, was charged with six drug offenses related to the possession cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana,  while Samantha Burke, 27, also of Jersey City, was charged with five drug offenses, police said.

Furthermore, Jersey City residents Sean Crawford, 56, and Qualesha Burrows, 22, as well as Quaneesha Washington, 28, of Lyndhurst, were charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, Suarez announced.

Meanwhile, Hassan Mosby, 39, of Lyndhurst, is alleged to be the leader of the drug ring and remains at large. He is wanted on one gun charge and four drug charges, police said.

Suarez also credited the Hudson County Regional SWAT and the Hudson County Sheriff’s
Office K-9 Unit for assisting with the arrests.

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