Former Hoboken Assemblyman Garcia gets another continuance in Newark bribery case


Former Hoboken Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia received another continuance, his sixth since 2022, last week related to his large-scale Newark bribery case.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The continuance, granted by U.S. District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo on March 1st, uses the same language as prior orders, “to permit defense counsel the reasonable time necessary for effective preparation in this matter,” and postpones the case through June 1st.

Garcia, also the former director of the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development, is accused by federal prosecutors of soliciting corrupt payments in exchange for helping businessmen acquire and redevelop properties.

He was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the city of Newark and the NCEDC of Garcia’s honest services facilitated by the use of interstate wire transmissions; 17 counts of honest services wire fraud; and four counts of use of interstate facilities to promote and facilitate bribery in violation of the Travel Act.

Two Newark businessmen face the same charges, while Garcia is also accused of three counts of receiving bribes in connection with the business of a federally funded local government and organization.

He pleaded not guilty about a month later and is being represented by Robert G. Stahl, of Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers with offices in Westfield and New York City.

Garcia was first charged via complaint in November 2020 and saw additional charges when he was indicted in October 2021.

His case his been delayed over a dozen times, in part due to the COVID-19 complaint, and doesn’t appear heading to trial any time soon.

Also a former housing authority executive director in Hoboken and Irvington, Garcia has recently tried his hand at motivational speaking.

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  1. How could any government agency be stupid enough to ever hire this guy in the first place, just one look at his track record tells you he’s bad news. And why all the continuances? June 1 should be the end, get the trial over with.

  2. Mister Carmelo can’t avoid the clink as his magical library of tapes is clearly not cutting it. This is the end, my corruptocrat friend, thee end. After his nauseating rule at the HHA, you would think some level of scrutiny would give one pause, but not with Mister Carmelo. Guy went on a bandit run even big for Newark. Can Mister Carmelo sing great tunes to a jury? He thinks so but the evidence will be overwhelming. Act now Mister Carmelo as the Chris Campos bunk is reopening up soon. It’s comfy; you’ll like it.

  3. Word is he’s now forming a ministry…
    Mr Carmelo is often glad handling around the Movie Theater church group.