Ferreiro alleges voter fraud in Wiley household, Wiley camp denies claim


Although Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Count Wiley, the two main adversaries for the May 12 municipal election, were absent from last night’s board of commissioners meeting, that didn’t stop a Roque supporter from taking shots at his political nemesis. 


Frank Ferreiro, a former enemy of Roque who is now a campaign worker for the mayor, had it out with Wiley at last month’s board of commissioners meeting.

Although Wiley was absent last night, that didn’t stop Ferreiro from picking up where he left off.

Ralph Sanchez, Jr., the campaign manager for Wiley’s West New York United team, said Count and Beatriz Wiley have never committed voter fraud and the accusations were baseless.

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  1. Everyone knows Frank Ferreiro is a drug addict who has been in jail for gang activity, theft and kidnapping. He gets paid to come to meetings and start trouble.

  2. Wow I’m shocked at this response,well not shocked by the response just shocked because who the response comes from.Pastor Ralph you know I have lots of respect for you and maybe your loosing sight of the light a bit but I always seen you as a man of GOD.Its very hard thing to be a man of GOD as you are and be a campaign manager and have to respond with what you have personal knowledge of being lies.I’m trully shocked that i have seen you cross the line of your strong faith and of a Pastor who has pledge to GOD to be honest and truthful.You can lie to people but you cant lie to GOD.(thats just a piece of advice) sometimes we all loose our path but I didnt see that in you.Well ok now Pastor ralph.This is not about bringing in North Bergen into our election,nice try in twisting it but this is pretty plain and simple.Mr Wiley and his family claim they live in West New York and if they do great but the issue is his wife claims she lives in North Bergen as she testifies to it in her Committee Person Petitions for the last couple of years.A petition has a swearing portion in which Mr Wiley’s Wife is swearing on oath that she lives in North Bergen so my question is simple where does MR WILEY and MS WILEY LIVE!!!!Yes they can own multiple houses in multiple cities but they cant live in two places at the same time…..By the way they only own the house in North Bergen and they actually rent in West New York,I dont believe they are as wealthy as you make it sound because there are some rumors of multiple bankruptcies and liens on Mr. Wiley.(but thats an issue for another day)Lets stay focused on the present and very big issue.Their house in North Bergen is rented out are they claiming those earning on their taxes because if they are not,well then that might become yet another big issue.I’m not out to hurt anyone but how dumb can you be to pull such a rookie mistake lie this.You want to run for Mayor in west New York and you say you live in WNY but if thats so then his wife is committing election fraud in North Bergen and has lied to the people of North Bergen.This is really relevant because it shows the character of this man and the lies and deceit they are willing to pull for the sake of power.I urge you to really take a look at this issue.i really do not believe Mr. Wiley wants to hurt his own family but this is a pretty big issue with chances of creating some big legal issues.They have children as well and what are you teaching your kids that lying is ok….SMH…..SMH all around….I will be posting the documents on facebook for all to see shortly….As for the two comments by people hiding behind fake names…lol you brought me a good laugh thank you and Luz i have always looked terrible….thank you….lol

  3. I doubt Frank even owns a computer to even write the above paragraph. No one cares about your Facebook page FRANK. Facebook is for losers. To the real FRANK… You sold out to ” BLOOD MONEY ” just like Ralph Martell did. The good news is that even if Roque wins, both of you rats are just a few French Fries from a heart attack.

  4. Are are the Finals, Pastos Ralh…..A Shepherd In Politics course, if you can not mix Religion with Politics. Would seek this person: With Moral Face that you say to people who ban his Church to lie, when he is out of Reality. It is in EREJE. God condemns liars. Scoffers. Thieves. That there will be behind that mask Church. The Governor Chris Christie. This is in Call. Evading Taxes, They are Politicians. False Prophets.!

  5. Frank I really am shocked you sold your soul to Roque and Acosta. I really feel bad for you Franky. Was it worth it? You and your Guys could have had it all.

  6. frank I do not appreciate you disrespecting my parents and my family. They are both amazing people and have raised me and my siblings to be honest and hardworking and who we are today proves what great role models they are. This election is not about power is about giving Wny a chance to be the best town that it can be. Neither of my parents are committing Fraud. My family is very open about our lives and we have nothing to hide from anyone. Anyone that knows my parents know that they are amazing people who always go out of there way to help others even strangers no matter what . I’m proud to be there daughter and help all of Wny United do better for the people of Wny.

  7. Nicole I am not disrespecting your parents.I am expressing my opinion and belief of a situation that I see as wrong doing being done.While you feel your Dad might be a good mayor for WNY, I unfortunately do not see it the same way,I do not have the same belief,actually my belief is totally the opposite.But I am not being disrespectful am bringing up some viable issues as it is my right to.I feel your dad in not WNY,he is NORTH BERGEN in my eyes and has some real negatives along his side some real disrespecting individuals that really do disrespect and insult people.If your a stand up person you do not keep these kind of negative people around you.Then you have Choqui his runningmate who has proved to me that he is a person of ZERO integrity so therefore I will campaign and express my opinions and concerns and make them public to ensure that they do not win because I trully do not believe they will bring any progress to the town i hold dearly in my heart.So I apologize if you feel im being disrespectful but this is my opinion and what I belief in as it is your right to belief in who you like.

  8. Hahahaha West New York will never escape all you con man and woman. Too bad for the people of that town. Everyone out to grab the dollars. Wiley,Roque and others don’t live in that town. Lawyers and Directors either…

  9. The question is how convicted criminal Frank Ferreiro got his hand on Wiley’ daughter school records? She is a minor…. a lot of parents are going to be piss off.

  10. Law’s don’t apply to Frank Ferreiro. He always has weed on him as he drivers around town. He comes and goes in our School buildings and Town hall for meetings high and in possession. Forget the 1000 feet School Drug Zones. He deals with his weed openly with some of his gay boy friends.

    West New York Cops greet and deal with Frank Ferriero like a great friend as they are scared to question him.

  11. Frank, if you hold this town near and dear to your heart, why don’t you live here? And why don’t you stop contributing to its destruction by the evil Roque just because he pays you. Why don’t you stay away and go ruin your own town. We don’t need you or want you here.

  12. I have lived in wny pretty much my whole life, i also am an ex con but theres something called loyalty frank.i personally dont agree with people who make fun of people who are over weight or have any type of handi cap in that matter but the reason they are mad at you is because they loved you at one point and you hurt them which isnt cool at all loyalty goes along way no matter where you are from.i wish the real focus on this election was about the kids of wny the recreation dept and how we the people can all make this place the best place to live.Nicole god bless you and i am so proud that you are standing up for your parents and to me it says alot about your values and character good luck and god bless you all

  13. Jo Far I know exactly who you are ,youre Def. WNY oldschool,yes we grew up being tought loyalty and you may not know me but im as loyal as they come.I was loyal to Choqui until he screwed me over and I was loyal to Munoz until he also screwed me over.I have first hand knowledge by working together with these people and my loyalty was there but once someone screws you over that goes away.Wiley I nbever really worked with but i did try a few times and each time i got the same thing from him,I wiley will fix everything,like he was a superman or something,his ego is bigger than me in size lol.theres a lot of little things that have convinced me about him that proved to me that he would not make a good mayor.In my eyes a Mayor should be a successful business person that is he will be controlling alot of money and Wiley has filled numerous bankruptcies,that tells me bad financial decisions,this election fraud issue that his wife is doing is relevant to his character of condoning an illegal act,One of the first things he did as dpw director was hire North Bergen DPW workers to paint his office instead of using the current dpw workers that get paid,he said WNY DPW Workers did not know how to use a paint gun.common im not very handy and i learned how to use a professional paint gun in 15 mins.He has gone through a bunch of running mates.You wanna talk about loyalty,DR.Roque is the one who put him in the commissioner seat to only get stabbed in the back first second Wiley got.I’m just putting facts out there and they are calling me all kinds of stuff but this shows the type of individuals these people are why not be transparent as he always preaches.Well anyway yes we all made mistakes when we where younger,but I havent done anything wrong in over 15 years.We grow up and change and correct our wrongs.Im not running for office they are and im only showing the residents of WNY,which like you runs deep in me,just showing the residents the truth about these people so no one gets fooled by the great Hollywood Acting.I will finish of by telling that this election to me is 100% about bringing progress for WNY and the youth and the rec programs and I can 100% say that those are the reasons im backing DR.Roque and his slate because I believe they will do a much better job then these guys.Roque made mistakes and I was very vocal against him but like me, like you, he has changed and the change is very visible,take a look at his running mates cosmo,sue,Grabiel those are people who have WNY running in their blood as we do.Take a look at new lawyer scarinci,new Buss. Admin.,people with experience in government so our town can progress in the next 4 years.Team Roque is the best choice for our town,at least in my opinion.

  14. Frank very valid points you bring up and yes i agree with alot of what you are saying politics is a dirty game i guess but none of my buisness but its nice to have a voice thru social media so that we the residents can be heard i was at miller stadium yesterday and actually felt bad for these kids cause defino gave us the best childhood the greatest memories i have in my life and owe them to Doreen, kevin mack, bumper,ed sargent,mark koenig,dennis cooney, so many others that made my childhood so amazing i just think that we owe it to our kids to make sure they have what we thats pretty much all we should be talking about one thing i will say is that colucurrcio was one of the most beautiful human beings i ever came across in my life and think she will be great so to roque i applaud u for that choice cause she was tough but always fair and caring as a teacher no matter who u were to her i wish her the best and in my heart know she will work her tail off for the residents of west new york

  15. Frank you make alot of valid points and susan colocurcio Is absolutely the best choice in my opinion if you know her or anything about her she is absolutely one of the most beautiful people i ever met as my science teacher she was tough but very caring and didnt bullshit you straight shooter and made you earn your grade she alwAys had an open door for her students including me the class troubled one lol gabe is a good person was always to himself quiet n friendly so i definitely tip my hat to roque for his choices i dont know wiley personally but did know his brother who was a stand up guy i just hope that we invest in the future of wny these kids need people like doreen auriemma,kevin maceldowney,dennis cooney,ed sargent, bumper, people who were not only coaches,but were like family who genuinely cared about you no matter if you were the best athlete or the last man on the team to them they understood what it was all about people who worked for nothing who took time from their personal lives to make our childhood unforgettable we need our rec center to give our kids a different outlet for some of these kids it can make the difference between college and jail.

  16. I totally agree Jo Far,I believe Sue’s #1 mission if she is elected is bringing WNY a rec. center and any future developments that want to come to WNY will have to give the town something as they do in other towns like Newark.Any big development project in Newark and in many other towns,actually just happened in NB and Gutt.the developers give the town an incentive for allowing their project,incentives like rec centers,parks,pools,low income housing etc….Theres a lot of great plans for the next 4 years and that is why im on the side that im on.