Ex-Roque opponent replaces him on North Hudson Sewerage Authority


Myrli Sanchez, who ran for commissioner under Count Wiley’s West New York United ticket last year, replaced Mayor Felix Roque on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority after a unanimous vote by the board of commissioners on Wednesday night.


“She [Myrli] wanted to express her gratitude and thanks, taking a chance, we knew before that there was tension, but I think that [this is] for the betterment of the town,” said Rafael Sanchez, Jr., Myrli’s husband, addressing the board after the measure was approved.

Rafael Sanchez also noted that his wife was well-liked when she worked for the Parks and Public Property Department in town.

Myrli Sanchez told Hudson County View that she was unable to attend the public portion of Wednesday’s meeting since she was hosting a Bible study in the Bronx, but seemed enthusiastic to discuss her new position.

“I really appreciate the fact that the mayor extended his hand and took a chance even though we were on opposite sides for such a long time. I really appreciate it and I like this, I had a great time yesterday,” she said over the phone, explaining that she had to a chance to meet everyone at yesterday’s NHSA meeting.

“It’s a lot of facts, a lot of people asking questions and it’s not political. It’s a different environment compared to the meetings people are used to in town. I’m very excited and I think I’ll do a good job, I think I have the time for it.”

Over 10 months after Roque’s ticket swept the election, the Sanchezs showed a willingness to put the past behind by attending a Roque fundraiser at La Reggia in Secaucus – among a handful of other former Roque enemies including Board of Education Trustee Matthew Cheng and ex-Freeholder Jose Munoz.

Myrli Sanchez directly addressed any naysayers who believe her appointment to the board indicates the she and her husband “sold out.”

“Every resident of West New York should observe the decisions made in Town Hall. It’s the job of the public, the duty of the public, to be a part of the Democratic process. It’s my duty for the people who voted for me last year to pursue an opportunity to be an asset to the town and I think this is a great opportunity,” she said.

“I can look in the mirror and say that me and Ralph have never sold out, we’ve been very loyal and focused with our time, money and lives.”

Myrli Sanchez again stressed this is about being an asset to the Town of West New York and nothing else.

“The authority is taking a lot of precautions and starting a program for low-income families to help out anyway they can to lower their costs. I was also encouraged to see there were a lot of agenda items related to West New York, they aren’t isolating money to one particular place.”

“I want to show what an asset I can be to West New York,” adding that she found the meeting to be a lot of fun and was glad to be involved with financial decisions that impact West New York.

Prominent Hoboken developer Frank Raia, a longtime chairman of the NHSA and ally of Wiley, saw his 27-year tenure on the board come to a close in January when the Hoboken City Council appointed Kurt Gardiner to the seat over Raia.

Commissioners for the NHSA, which serves Hoboken, West New York, Union City and Weehawken, receive a roughly $4,800 stipend to serve on the board.

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  1. Judas Myrli..

    Shame on you Pastor and Myrli Sanchez… YOU ROLLED OVER for a few Dollars and a few building permits… Shame Shame shame… God see’s your heart and motives here…

    Joining the evil you preach against is your wickedness exposed now… Another sellout…

    Did Jose Munoz talk you into this?

  2. Can HC View please find out how much Jose Munoz received from Roque and the Town few weeks back in their settlement? Some say Munoz received $400,000??? Plus a hefty raise?

    Why the BIG Secret? Taxpayers had to pay.

    • No secret on this end at least. An OPRA request did not return any responsive documents asking for a copy of the settlement. I/we could put in the request again, but I can’t see how the result would be different.

  3. this is disgusting. but what can we expect? I knew from the beginning of their campaign that this woman was funny. From her alleged Bachelors degree to her questionable position in a “construction” company. She also has not been a resident of WNY since 2003 (as she stands by). Give me a break. what’s done in the dark will come to the light. Find out why her church has such a low retention rate. What a joke.

    • Concerned citizens, you’re not concerned enough to do your hw, she was actually my neighbor at port imperial in 2003 and her daughter Lana, was my sons classmate at #2 school in Ms Goia’s class. So whatever hang ups you have make sure it’s also in the light.

      That being said I don’t know how much help she can be in the sewerage, seems limited. But I do know one thing if she runs for mayor I will vote for her. She is solid.

      • and after she moved out of Port Imperial, she purchased a home and moved where? a township in Woodbridge. Check tax records. I don’t write on anything I don’t know about. There are a handful of her ex church members who can also attest to her primary residence before she actually moved to West New York in the most recent years. You can also research Almeda University, which she has claimed she has a degree from– a non-accredited “university.” Regardless, best of luck to West New York.