Documents: Lane Bajardi likely wrote ‘anti-Semitic’ posts about Mayor Zimmer’s husband


Stan Grossbard, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s husband, says he felt posts on were “anti-Semitic,” according to court documents obtained from Lane Bajardi’s dismissed Hudson County Superior Court defamation case, and it turns out Bajardi was likely the writer of some of the comments in question. 


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In a court certified letter dated September 1, 2014, Grossbard states that three comments from were all “defamatory” and “anti-Semitic in nature.”

The first comment, written by user “MarkLower” on August 12, 2009, reads as follows:


The second and third comments written on the website by user “pipercub1” on April 16, 2009 and user “WakeUp07030” on April 30, 2009, respectively, read:

Lane 2

For the sake of clarity, Grossbard works for a family company in the diamond business.

In Bajardi’s court certified deposition administered by Kerry Flowers and Nancy Pincus on July 17, 2014, he admitted that he had previously used the screen names “MarkLower” and “Wakeup7030” to comment on


This would potentially make Bajardi the writer of two of the three comments in question, though the second comment remains unaccounted for and he never outright admitted to writing the posts submitted by Grossbard.

“I genuinely didn’t know that guy [Bajardi] was writing that stuff,” Grossbard told Hudson County View over the phone, giving his reaction to the court documents pertaining to postings on

“Those kind of comments are completely inappropriate and I find it ironic that someone [who] posted those kinds of things about a family member of a political opponent also claims he was the victim of defamation elsewhere.”

Hudson County Superior Court Judge Patrick Arre threw out the $2 million lawsuit on February 10 after ruling that the plaintiffs did not prove damages, malice or blatant disregard for the truth.

Jonathan Cohen, who represented Lane and Kim Cardinal Bajardi in the defamation case against Hoboken bloggers Nancy Pincus and Roman Brice, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

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