Days after Hoboken bar landlords evict tenants who ran HUB, ABC hearing postponed


Days after the landlords of a Hoboken bar being accused of alleged sex crimes evicted their tenants who ran HUB, their Alcoholic Beverage Control hearing has been postponed. 

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“All parties are working on finalizing the terms of an agreement. If everyone is on board, there will be no ABC Board hearing, and the terms will be made public. If they can’t agree, the hearing will be rescheduled,” City spokesperson Santiago Huber-Melli told HCV.

The hearing was originally scheduled for tomorrow, Election Day, at City Hall at 2 p.m., where the night club faced 53 charges dating back to January 2016.

A promoter known as “The Slut Whisperer” promoted a party at the bar in early September where videos from the event showed extremely graphic, sexual acts being performed out in the open.

The ABC hearing, which was already postponed twice, is does not have a new date scheduled yet.

The latest in the ongoing saga for the popular night life spot, formally known as Teak on the Hudson, comes days after the landlords of the property, located at 16 Hudson Pl., successfully evicted the tenants/bar operators from the building.

Mario and Dian Fini, who are married, along with Patrick Cappiello, are managing partners for 16-18 & 20 Hudson Place LLC.

That LLC filed suit to evict HubNJ Group, LLC, with has two third ownership by brothers James and Brian McCue, with another third owned by the Finis and Cappiello – which, in a sense, means they effectively evicted themselves.

In a November 1st ruling by Judge Vincent J. Militello, he says “that landlords are entitled to immediate and exclusive possession of the property of 16-18 Hudson Place in Hoboken, New Jersey.”

In a website post, Dian Fini says that HUB “failed to honor it’s lease obligations,” pointing to the current scandal involving The Slut Whisperer without getting into any particulars.

“Mario Fini, and I, Dian Fini, are pleased to have prevailed in the eviction of HUB, which failed to honor it’s lease obligations and where management apparently allowed events to occur that resulted in it’s own demise and permanent closure,” she wrote.

“We are glad HUB will never open again. Sadly, many people lost their jobs and these events created economic fallout for all those associated with it, including us … I hope everyone knows we are good, law-abiding people, who love Hoboken, a place where we live and work and have raised our family.”

She added that they are looking forward to finding a new tenant and thanked everyone for their support during this difficult time.

An attorney for HubNJ Group, LLC could not immediately be reached for comment.

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