Davis compares Jason O’Donnell to Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th themed ad


Ahead of Friday the 13th, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis is comparing his opponent Jason O’Donnell to Jason Voorhees in his latest campaign ad, deeming the challenger “too scary for Bayonne.” 

“It’s Friday the 13th and Jason is coming … for Bayonne taxpayers! Not that Jason, no, it’s Jason O’Donnell! He’s even scarier,” a voiceover says in a 42-second Team Davis digital ad that depicts O’Donnell with famous fictional serial killer Voorhees’ signature hockey mask.

“He works for Kivvit: one of New Jersey’s biggest lobbying firms and their biggest client? Chris Christie. O’Donnell’s firm was paid over $40 million dollars to run Christie’s Reach New Jersey advertising campaign.”

Also a former city public safety director, O’Donnell is also blamed for the Bayonne water system being sold to a private company, a claim he was quick to dispute in a statement to Hudson County View.

“This latest campaign lie is particularly ridiculous knowing that Mayor Davis raised every Bayonne resident’s water rate by 13%. Again, with regard to this latest lie-filled campaign ad . . . I was public safety director. I had nothing to do with the water deal. I have never been a lobbyist,” he began.

“I did not work on a Christie deal. These are the same lies Jimmy and his Team have been trying to convince people of for weeks. The Davis team can continue trying to lie to voters while we release plans to fix our City’s parking problem, improve residents’ quality of life and fight against Mayor Davis’ crippling tax increases.”

O’Donnell also again took aim at the Davis administration for giving away 40 tax breaks “to their wealthy developer friends.”

This isn’t the first time Davis and O’Donnell have spared over the former Republican governor.

Last month, O’Donnell, a former Assemblyman, highlighted his fights with Christie in Trenton, with the Davis team quipping back about his previous employment with Kivvit.

Around the same time, Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti (D-31), a Davis ally who succeeded O’Donnell in the state legislature, called on the NJ Comptroller to investigate Christie’s multi-million dollar opioid campaign.

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