Dallas Cowboys hold practice at St. Peter’s Prep before battling NY Giants


The Dallas Cowboys (2-3) held a walkthrough practice at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City on Saturday afternoon, one day before a pivotal NFC East showdown with the New York Giants (3-3). 


Three Academy buses pulled up to the St. Peter’s Prep football field at around 12:15 p.m. this afternoon, dropping off the Dallas Cowboys for a walkthrough practice just a few minutes away from their hotel: The Westin Jersey City Newport.

Head Coach Jason Garrett, as well as starting quarterback Matt Cassel, were among several players who acknowledged a few dozen loyal Dallas fans as they got off the bus and entered the locker room.

Cassel makes his first career start for “America’s Team” tomorrow against an always game NFC East rival, the New York Giants.

Cassel, who led a Tom Brady-less New England Patriots squad to an 11-5 record in 2008 but only threw nine passes for Minnesota Vikings last year, was signed by Dallas after backup Brandon Weeden went 0-3 leading the offense.

Cassel, a USC product, spent the preseason with the Buffalo Bills but was cut before Week 1.

The Cowboys, who have officially again ruled out star wide receiver Dez Bryant due to a foot injury, are hoping Cassel can breathe some life into the offense after losing franchise QB Tony Romo to a back injury in Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Romo isn’t expected to return for the field for about another month.

The Eagles currently lead the NFC East after laying a 27-7 beating on the Giants last week in Philly. The loss snapped a two-game win streak for Big Blue.

A Dallas win over New York would propel them back into first place in the division if the Eagles come up short against the unbeaten Carolina Panthers (5-0).  The Eagles would retain the top spot in the NFC East if they pull off the upset.

If the Giants emerge victorious, their standing in the division would also depend on what happens in the Eagles game.

When the Giants and Cowboys met in Week 1, Romo led a masterful fourth quarter drive to score a come from behind 27-26 victory at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys were down 23-13 with 8 minutes left in the game.

The Giants look to avenge the embarrassing loss, especially since they are currently riding a five-game losing streak against Dallas.

New York is hosting the contest at East Rutherford’s MetLife Stadium at 4:25 p.m. tomorrow.

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  1. See what all that EXTREMELY VERY HIGH tuition pays for. A start of the art field where even a professional team will use. NICE!!
    Great break down of the NFL John Heinis.

  2. I get pissed to no end when i hear Jason blame the defense for no turnovers by the defense….that’s how stupid he is…like he said penalties didnt bother him on National TV at half time and Romo was getting killed on sacks because of them…he didnt even know long D@D brings the blitz…which he didnt know how to block…now it’s the defense…they cant get a turnover if the other team doesnt commit them (duh) the sign of a well coached team…which he knows nothing about…like 3rd down conversions which a team can do something about…but he must hold the record for not getting any…and Jones gives him 6 million dollars…what an idiot!

    Or when he was throwing Wade under the bus to get his job…he was running sweeps with injured players over and over losing yardage against the best front four in football that year…the Vikings in a playoff game…FYI the sweep is the play in football that lose’s more yardage than any…and with a slow injured player…I still say it was premeditated…and Romo got killed because of it…get the film out…i couldnt believe it..It continued till Wade was fired and he was hired…then it stopped I swear this on my mom’s grave…why i cant stand the guy…Wade was going to take us to a SB and he knew he would never get the job