Court hearing scheduled for ex-North Bergen DPW Director Grossi


Former North Bergen Department of Public Works Director Timothy Grossi has a court hearing scheduled at the end of the month as his court case continues to linger after over four years. Timmy Grossi

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

As only Hudson County View reported, Bergen County Superior Court Judge Margaret Foti ruled back in September that Grossi was not competent to stand trial due to an undisclosed medical condition.

Grossi was scheduled to have a hearing on January 9 to decide if his medical condition has improved enough for him to stand trial, but that date was moved to January 30, according to state AG’s office spokesman Pete Aseltine.

The former township official is accused of working political campaigns and performing personal chores while on township time. He was indicted on the charges back on December 17, 2012.

Back in April, Hudson County View reported that Grossi was going to have his mental health evaluated. Grossi’s attorney in the matter, Jeffrey Garrigan of Jersey City, could not be reached for further comment.

Former North Bergen DPW Supervisors Troy Bunero and Francis Longo were convicted on a multitude of charges, including official misconduct, by a Hudson County Superior Court jury in June 2015.

The two began serving their five-year prison sentences back in September.

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  1. Why would this case move any faster in the Country of Hudson County where one party rule has been the norm for over a century and the dead still vote, early and often. Corruption is an accepted part of the fabric of Hudson County and that is why it will always operate as a Third World County. The people couldn’t care less about this case because corruption is acceptable. The politicians are mostly crooked and are afraid of what this guy might say if, by some miracle he is ever convicted. And the people trying this case, i.e. the judges and prosecutors are all Democrat appointees and yet some wonder why this case is moving at a glacial pace? it will go to trial around 2025, just before the defendant dies.