Councilwoman Diane Coleman talks ‘Stop the Drop’ stats, JC Rec. Dept., Fulop leadership


In a sit-down interview with Hudson County View, Jersey City Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman answered questions about employment disparities within the “Stop the Drop” anti-litter program, whether she supported Jersey City Recreation Director Ryan Strother amid calls for his departure, and Mayor Steven Fulop’s leadership regarding recent controversies.

Councilwoman Diane Coleman started off by responding to statistics showing disparities by race and ward within the “Stop the Drop” anti-litter program made public by Ward D Councilman Michael Yun.

She also addressed two recent race-based controversies: a flyer accusing Councilman Daniel Rivera of racism and two employees of the recreation department alleging discrimination against non-African Americans – that have played out at Jersey City Council meetings.

With Jersey City Recreation Director Ryan Strother facing multiple controversies “as well as talk of his removal by Yun.“ Coleman was asked if she supports Strother remaining in his position.

Coleman also discussed whether Mayor Steve Fulop was showing leadership by staying out of the recent controversies facing the counsel.

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  1. Okay, first of all I used to work for the Jersey City Department of Personnel and I can tell you first hand that the comment about Ward F being overlooked is a load of BS. Former Councilwoman Viola Richardson would never have allowed it. Every year she came to Personnel to personally drop off stacks of applications of the people that she wanted to get hired.

    Secondly, what the hell difference does it make if she handed out 700 applications. That still has nothing to do with the City choosing to hire all of those people from the same ward. In order to make it fair and to make sure that all of City’s youth get an opportunity they should hire the same amount of applicants from each ward. It is understood that 90% to 95% of the applicants from ward F would be African-American and maybe 75% of applicants from ward A. Each ward has a different demographic and that is understood. However, when 95% of the hires come from the same ward in a city that has about 7, there is something very, very wrong.

  2. Is it the city personnel that does the hiring? I also think before anyone speak of employment discrimination! A comparison on submitted job applications should be reviewed. Meaning the percentage of each race that applied versus those that was hired.
    I like to see the real numbers on position hiring on all major departments on both the County and the City mostly in management level.

  3. Is she that stupid? She is really going with her putting 700 applications as the reason for the discrepancy? Where doomed. I flipping out over here.