Chaparro, Jimenez speak out against President Trump’s immigration order


Assemblywomen Annette Chaparro (D-33) and Angelica Jimenez (D-32) spoke out against President Donald Trump’s (R) controversial immigration order during today’s legislative hearing on the subject.


“There are so many issues, so many topics, around undocumented immigrants. And I have to plead with our president to come to our state, not through our governor, but just come to our state, meet with our legislatures privately – not this big circus,” Chaparro said in Trenton today.

” .. In my heart, I believe he’s trying to do the right thing, but he is caught up in ;fake news,’ media and all that other stuff not realizing what he’s doing.”

Trump’s imposed an immigration order and travel ban last month, impacting seven Muslim-majority countries. However, that order was lifted by a U.S. federal judge earlier this month (h/t NBC News).


Jimenez, whose district includes West New York and North Bergen, said Trump’s order has many living in fear – including her 11-year-old daughter.

“This is a country of immigrants. My parents fled their country back in [19]59 to leave a Communist Cuba. What you’re saying is not only fearful for you, as your status, but as I was saying, fearful for my daughter that’s 11,” Jimenez said during today’s Trenton hearing.

“That is un-American, right, because I was born in this country too. But she has an anxiety because of her classmates: she’s got her friends, she goes ‘mommy, if anything happens to Maria’s mom, do you think that maybe we could adopt her?'”

As a result of such conversations, Jimenez said she understands the fear that adults and children alike are experiencing right now.

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