Braveheart & Faithful, dogs who braved the blizzard and bullets, looking for a home


Braveheart, a young dog who went missing in Liberty State Park last month after a park police officer shot him, largely survived due to the help of his brother Faithful. Now, both dogs and happy and healthy, seeking to be adopted from the Liberty Humane Society.


“We set him [Braveheart] up for emergency surgery and removed the bullet fragments from his wound and now he’s back at LHS with Faithful – who was the dog who stayed with him the entire time they were lost in the park and may have eventually saved his life,” explained Irene Borngraeber, the LHS executive director.

“We’re really hoping, they’re a bonded pair of brothers, we’re really hoping to get them adopted together.”

Those interested in adopted the dogs, which are both mixed breeds likely between one and two years old, can log onto and fill out an adoption application.

From there, an LHS adoption counselor will reach out and schedule a time to meet the dogs.

Borngraeber also referred to Braveheart and Faithful as “a wonderful pair” who “are completely trained,” capable of adhering to basic commands such as sit, stay, down and paw.

She further advised that they still tend to jump up on their hind legs when they get excited so a little additional house training may be recommended.

Braveheart and Faithful were first spotted in Liberty State Park on January 21, the day Braveheart was shot, and the duo were discovered in a trap two days later.

For animal lovers interested in seeing what other prospective pets could be adopted, LHS is in the midst of a free animal adoption promotion that lasts through Valentine’s Day.

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    • That question is answered at the end of the video. As to why it wasn’t reported initially, my best guess is that since a park officer as opposed to JCPD, Sheriff’s Office, etc., fired the weapon, it just went under the radar.