Boggiano makes it 3-0 in December runoffs, crushes Bing in Jersey City Ward C council race


Jersey City Ward C Councilman Rich Boggiano made it 3-0 in December runoffs this evening, crushing challenger Kevin Bing to get re-elected for a third term.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Boggiano won by about 16 points in a race that saw turnout take a nosedive compared to November 2nd, with just under 5,000 ballots cast then and only around 3,000 cast today.

Preliminary tallies show Boggiano with 1,733 votes in his favor, while Bing had 1,273, according to preliminary tallies from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office. Boggiano secured 606 vote-by-mail ballots, while Bing had 303.

“Thank you to the people of Ward C for decisively voting to re-elect me and allowing me to continue serving our community. I love Jersey City and I’m excited to continue working hard for my constituents and delivering the leadership they deserve,” said Boggiano.

Bing had said that “our worst enemy is complacency” and his assessment proved to be accurate.

He thanked his supporters and congratulated his opponent after Team Fulop called the race this evening.

“It looks like the results aren’t going our way tonight. One way to make change is at the polling booth. The other is to get organized and fight for the issues that matter. That’s what this campaign did. By talking to neighbors and walking the streets we brought together a group that was ready to push for street safety, affordable housing, and the quality of life issues that matter to voters,” Bing said in a statement.

“This campaign wasn’t just about Kevin Bing and doesn’t end on election day. I thank all my supporters for their advocacy and commitment. I ask them to continue to fight for the issues that still matter. To my opponent, Rich Boggiano, congratulations on the win.”

The incumbent, who ran on Mayor Steven Fulop’s ticket, had boldly called the runoff “a referendum on … more bike lanes or more parking spots” and had the full support of the Jersey City Democratic Organization, as well as attorney Tom Zuppa – who finished in third place just behind Bing last month.

With the 2021 municipal elections finally in the books, Fulop, who earned a third term last month and already pegged as a potential 2025 gubernatorial contender, once again enjoys a 7-2 majority on the city council.

His only losses came against Ward E Councilman James Solomon and Ward F Councilman-elect Frank “Educational” Gilmore, who both won in definitive fashion.

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  1. Disappointed in the turnout and the results. Boggiano is behind the times in many ways.
    At least Boggiano doesn’t make like he likes Fulop in the video. That’s honest at least. Heck, at this point, kudos to anyone who jumps into politics.