Bicyclist involved in Jersey City hit-and-run by Councilwoman DeGise files $1M tort claim


The bicyclist involved in the July 19th Jersey City hit-and-run by Councilwoman Amy DeGise has filed a $1 million tort claim against the city, the notice of claim says.

Andrew Black. Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The claim, which is typically a precursor to a civil lawsuit, seeks $1 million due to “injuries to claimant [that] include but are not limited to his entire back, left foot and ankle” and also names DeGise, Jersey City, the city council, Hudson County, and New Jersey.

The filing occurred on August 1st, though didn’t come to light until Tuesday when counsel to DeGise mentioned that a tort claim had been filed and it was then obtained through an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.

“Civil reservation is a part of our laws that allows a judge in a criminal or traffic, this is specifically traffic case, to allow that what’s said in a court for a traffic violation not to be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit,” attorney Brian Neary told the media after DeGise received a one-year license suspension and $5,000 fine on Tuesday.

“In a civil lawsuit, they can ask, they can do depositions, interrogatories where they can ask questions, where they can get that information, but because pleas are sometimes done for reason other than civil liability … you can ask [for civil reservation] and you generally get it.”

DeGise struck Andrew Black with her vehicle at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Avenue on July 19th at about 8 a.m. after he ran a red light, an incident that was captured on CCTV, went viral, and made international news.

Black did not attend or in any way participate in DeGise’s hearing at Essex Vicinage Special Remand Court this week and a few residents still called on the councilwoman to resign at the council meeting the following day.

“We are aware of the judge’s ruling and loss of license and are glad the councilwoman accepted legal and moral responsibility for our actions and we will protect our client’s rights in the civil court,” Chris Karounos, counsel to Black, told HCV.

“I’ve known Brian Neary for many years and his request to the court for civil reservation was correct, whether or not his client can avoid questions during depositions is another matter.”

A city spokeswoman did not return an email seeking comment.

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  1. Nixon had his 18 missing minutes on his tapes.

    Amy DeGise has her six hours missing an explanation. And a lifetime of missing a conscience.

    The authorities have a missing field sobriety / drug test.

    She shouldn’t resign.

    Her father should set an example, for her, for once in her life.

    TOM DEGISE should resign.

  2. He caused the accident, if he didn’t run a red light he would not have hit her car. She obviously should have stopped but not stopping didn’t cause the accident running the red light did. Was he issued a summons for running a red light?

  3. The cyclist is on video lying to the police and claiming that he had the green light to pass through the intersection, when in fact he passed through a red light while all other traffic was stopped. He was also riding on the double yellow line in the center of the street instead of keeping to the right as the law dictates. I agree with Carol. The tort should be tossed out.