Bayonne releases request for proposals for ferry operator at $1.6M terminal


The City of Bayonne has released a request for proposals seeking a ferry operator as part of the process of bringing a $1.6 million terminal to the peninsula.

Photo via Bayonne RFP.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The City of Bayonne is seeking a qualified service provider to operate a premier passenger only, commuter ferry service between Bayonne and Downtown Manhattan as an alternative and supplement to existing transportation options,” the RFP says.

“The service must be reliable, tickets must be competitively priced, and plans for maintaining the service over the long term must be present.”

According to the RFP, the winning bidder will be selected based on 11 separate criteria: itinerary, ticket pricing, connectivity, operational plan, commuter services, resiliency of service, marketing plan, amenities, pricing, additional services and implementation schedule.

Bidders will be given 10 “bonus points” if they are able to produce an implementation schedule meeting or exceeding a January 2019 start date for ferry service.

Submissions are due on August 7th and the RFP reveals that the estimated costs of the terminal are $1,642,200.

Serious talk of bringing a ferry terminal in Bayonne began in late March and the city secured $650,000 in federal funding last month.

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