Bayonne BOE candidate Solari calls for school district audit, pre-K program


David Solari, a Bayonne Board of Education candidate seeking a one-year term in tomorrow’s election, is calling for an audit of the $120 million school district budget, as well as for a pre-K program.


Solari, the Bayonne City Republican President, says he’s been crunching a lot of numbers lately and feels like there’s a lot of fat that can be trimmed in the board of education budget.

A Bayonne High School graduate and former warehouse worker in the city, Solari says he thinks the school district needs to hold students to a higher standard, given that a grade of 65 is passing in the public school system.

That number has been raised to 70 in several surrounding school districts and he thinks Bayonne should follow suit.

Solari concluded by stating he’s confident he will be elected tomorrow, adding that he will seek a three-year term on the board next year if he feels he was able to deliver.

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