At police youth academy graduation, WNY officials talk military school


The West New York Police Department honored the youth academy in a graduation ceremony yesterday, where officials spoke about bringing a military school to town.


Cadets were put through a rigorous, week-long program, developed to help raise discipline and bring fundamental core standards within the youth of the community.

Police Sgt. William Kelly lead the evenings ceremonies congratulating the parents of those who persevered through a week of intense physical and mental training.

“This past week many of the children have been through one of the hardest things they are probably ever going to go through in their lives,” he said on stage at the Robert Menendez Elementary School last night.

Police Director Robert Antolos also commented on the hard-work and dedication of the graduating class.

“I’ve been involved in law enforcement for 40 years and every day I am continually impressed by the professional job that is done by our officers, you don’t know the abuse they go through sometimes in the street and no matter they are as professional as can be,” he said during his speech.

Antolos also revealed that a new program will be coming to the school district this year, aimed specifically for those students looking to pursue a career in law enforcement.

“On behalf of the Mayor and board of commissioners West New York will be implementing a new and exciting program this fall called ‘Police Explorers.’ This program will be geared toward young men and women ages 14 to 21 interested in a career in law enforcement.”

Antolos added that “this is also the final step to the mayor’s dream:” bringing a military academy to town.

When Hudson County View asked about what a military academy would bring to the Town of West New York, Roque responded:

“It’s going to bring leadership, teamwork and build what America is lacking, which is leaders. We are going to grow them here, making our town better, making our country better.”

Last month, Roque, a retired U.S. Army colonel, twice mentioned – once at a police promotion ceremony and again during a board of commissioners meeting – bringing a military school to West New York.

This was previously mentioned as a top priority during Roque’s first term, but has just recently began to pick up steam again.


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  1. The closed Caption you are using is horrific…the. kids were noted as WNY junior phillies….mayor n board of commissioners were noted as….air and water commissioners 11 …wth????

  2. Really a military school here in west new York,whos going to run it.truly not roque,hes a discrace to the unniform,he got kicked out of the service e due to the hacking case. I really wish he would stop saying hes military,hes never even seen action,stop insulting our real military.