Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto says new bill will ‘Clarify Protections for Liberty State Park’


Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) said he plans to introduce legislation to clarify that the Meadowlands Regional Commission may only review plans for Liberty State Park at the request of the Department of Environmental Protection following Gov. Chris Christie signing a controversial bill into law.

Vincent Prieto -Libery State Park

After weeks of controversy, Gov. Christie signed a bill into law that will consolidate the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission into the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, reestablish the Hackensack Meadowlands Transportation Planning District and adjust the property tax sharing program in the New Jersey Meadowlands region.

“This new law will position the Meadowlands region for greater success. It will make it easier to attract jobs and economic development to the region, while providing long-needed property tax relief and predictability to residents,” Prieto said in a prepared statement.

The plan was met with stiff opposition from environmental activists who objected to language in the bill that would open up the possibility of private development in Liberty State Park.

Sam Pesin, of Friend of Liberty State Park, was one of the many activists to voice concern over the bill to Jersey City and Hudson County legislators with varying levels of support.

While enthusiastic about passage of the bill, Prieto said “we also understand the concerns about the future of Liberty State Park. Liberty State Park and what it means to our heritage holds a special place, and – as has always been the case – we stand ready to protect the park.”

“In the end, we will have brought tax relief and more efficient government to the Meadowlands region, while ensuring safeguards for any plan to further preserve and improve Liberty State Park.”

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  1. Thank U Vinnie & Sam Pesin…THEY! already tried to turn the park into a golf course for the “high rollers” several years ago. & THEY! will never tire of finding a “deserving” private use for public property…without our eternal vigilance!!!