About 3,300 Bayonne residents have received the COVID-19 vaccination, officials say


Approximately 3,300 Bayonne residents have received the COVID-19 vaccination between three different locations, according to date released by the Bayonne Health Department and Office of Emergency Management.

Bayonne Health Department Registered Nurse Suzanne Cavanaugh. Screenshot via Facebook Live.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Late this afternoon, Bayonne OEM said that 3,300 residents had been vaccinated at either the Bayonne Medical Center, the Bayonne Housing Authority, and Hudson County’s vaccination site at the USS Juneau Center in Kearny.

As part of the city’s bi-weekly coronavirus update, Bayonne Health Department Registered Nurse Suzanne Cavanaugh said on Thursday that roughly 1,800 vaccines were administered at the BMC, 1,100, at the Juneau Center, and 350 at the BHA.

Additionally, Mayor Jimmy Davis is currently negotiating with the Jersey City Medical Center to open their office at 519 Broadway for vaccinations, likely on a relatively small scale compared to the other aforementioned locations.

OEM said that residents seeking a vaccination appointment should call 201-858-6088 or email bayvax@baynj.org with your name, date of birth, and contact number.

They also advise that calling or emailing multiple times will not expedite the process, which could take several weeks, as well as asking not to burden City Hall or the BMC with follow-up calls about their appointment.

Furthermore, OEM indicated that a little less than 500 residents are currently COVID-19 positive, so best practices such as wearing masks and social distancing are still strongly encouraged.

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