90 Park Restaurant hosts fundraiser for family of WNY’s Crissmarie Sevilla


North Hudson residents came together to host a fundraiser for the family of West New York’s Crissmarie Sevilla, a seven-year-old first grader who passed away due to pediatric brain cancer in April. 


Christian Carassco, Sevilla’s father, spoke with Hudson County View inside North Bergen’s 90 Park Restaurant as guests began to sit down to dinner last night.

Carassco began by stating that seeing photos of his daughter again caused him to “breakdown,” but later noted how thankful he is of the support he has received from West New Yorkers.

“Yesterday, seeing those pictures, you know … last time I saw those pictures was the day of the funeral viewing we did for our daughter. I got to see ’em again today and I would like, breakdown and stuff, you know, it’s tough,” he said.

As Carrasco began to get overcome with emotion, he also talked about fundraising and donating to other struggling kids and their families in his daughter’s name.

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