25 poodles found in West New York hoarding case being cared for in Madison


The majority of the dogs recovered from a West New York family hoarding small canines last week are receiving care at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison.


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“25 neglected poodles arrived safe and sound at our Madison shelter this afternoon, after being rescued from a condemned home in Hudson County, NJ,” St. Hubert’s President and CEO Heather Cammisa wrote in a mass email on Thursday.

“They were found living in deplorable conditions with filthy matted coats, many needing immediate shave downs to alleviate their pain and discomfort.”

As Hudson County View first reported, three members of a West New York family were going to be charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty each after over two dozen dogs were found to be living in filthy, horrid conditions at a home on 64th Street.

West New York Animal Cruelty Investigator Geoff Santini, who also runs the New Jersey Humane Society in town, spoke with us outside of Union City veterinarian Dr. Carlos Triana’s office Wednesday night as the animals were about to receive preliminary care.

“When our friends at New Jersey Humane Society in West New York called upon us this morning asking for assistance, without hesitation or conditions we said YES,” Cammisa continued in her email.

“Within the hour St. Hubert’s staff prepared our transport vehicle, The Zephyr, and traveled to pick up the group of poodles.”

Santini said that the other two dogs were being treated at the New Jersey Humane Society and that a West New York police officer had already expressed an interest in adopting them.

Additionally, St. Hubert’s is soliciting donations to pay for the care the 25 poodles in their possession receive. Anyone interested in donating can click here.

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