22-year-old ex-Bayonne council candidate opens political action committee


Daniel Herrera, a 22-year-old Republican who sought a council seat in the Bayonne municipal election last year, has opened a political action committee (PAC) to help support conservative candidates across the country. 

Daniel Herrera

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We aim to keep a close relationship with individuals, parties, candidates, and potential candidates who have political experience or want to become active,” Herrera said about HerreraPAC in a statement.

“We want to establish long-term networks to not only impact one election, but also future congressional, senate, and presidential elections.”

Although the Federal Election Commission (FEC) just approved the organization in January, HerreraPAC already has candidates reaching out to them within weeks of formation, Herrera told Hudson County View.

According to their website, HerreraPAC has already made their first endorsement to Russell Taub, a candidate who has established an exploratory committee for a congressional race in Rhode Island’s second district.

“Mr. Taub reached out to us via social media and we scheduled a phone meeting for later that week. After hearing his stances and reviewing his website, it was clear this was the type of candidate we were looking for,” Herrera said.

HerreraPAC is keeping their eyes open and ears to the ground for potential candidates around New Jersey. They plan on being active in Herrera’s local congressional district, NJ-08, which currently seats Congressman Albio Sires.

“Liberal policies have bankrupted us. It’s time we start electing responsible representatives to office and get rid of these tax and spend politicians who carelessly use taxpayer money ineffectively. The time is now for conservatives to stand up and make their voices heard,” Herrera stated in an e-mail.

Herrera was a first ward council candidate on Anthony Zanowic’s ticket in May and is also a member of the Hudson County Republican Club Young Professionals.