Woodward clashes with Fulop over 8-year-old son’s death at Ward A meeting


Jermaine Woodward, whose eight-year-old son was killed in a Jersey City hit-and-run accident in June, questioned if Mayor Steven Fulop is ready to be governor if “you can’t protect none of our kids” at the Ward A community meeting last night.


Fulop started the meeting by handing out public safety data sheets which showed Jersey City Crime Stats of the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In comparison to the Jersey City crime statistics, the data sheets also showed the crimes stats of Jersey City’s South District, which the majority of the meeting focused on.

During the topic of police and community interaction, Fulop explained “Very few witnesses want to move forward and be a part of the process to convict people. That places tremendous strain on what we are trying to do.”

Later adding, “We need cooperation and a partnership with the community because that is the only way to get people off the streets in a permanent way.”

Fulop made nearly identical remarks at the first community meeting hosted in Lincoln Park last month.

This statement from Fulop caused resident Jermaine Woodward to speak out against the mayor’s proposal of community involvement, bringing up the case of his 8-year-old sons death – where a hit-and-run occurred outside of 50 Bostwick Ave, in June.

” … And you want to be the governor, how do you be the governor if you can’t protect none of our kids?” Woodward asked in a huff of frustration.

At Monday’s community meeting in the Jersey City Heights, Fulop said “I am not today actively running for governor.”

With no arrests made in the matter, despite witness testimony, Woodward felt community involvement with the police exists, but involvement from current officials remains lax.

Fulop then sympathized with Woodward and informed the public of the process in which homicides are dealt with in the city.

“Anytime there is a homicide, or a potential homicide, in the city it is the same process that the city follows. The Hudson County Prosecutors Office takes over the investigation entirely: it leaves our hands and this is a process to protect residents ultimately.”

Pamela Johnson, the executive director of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement,  voiced her opinions on community relations with the current administration, in particular to the issue of Woodward’s son.

“There was no type of initiative to say we can advocate for you, that’s the problem. People don’t feel empowered in the community, there are no jobs, recreation is not in the school system, schools are not open as late as they should be so children could come off the street and come into a safe haven,” she said.

“Every child out there is not out there because they want to be. I sit in a lot of these meetings and hear a lot of community bashing and victim bashing, about how we should step forward and be accountable.”

“Everyone is accountable, not just the community, so if I report that I see a murder I’m helping you solve that murder, but what is preventing the next murder?”

Other officials in attendance at the meeting were Ward A Councilman Frank Gajewski, City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Ward B Councilman Khemraj “Chico” Ramchal, Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce Watterman and Public Safety Director James Shea – among others.

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  1. My heart goes out to this mother. The only morsel of comfort that could help ease some of her grief is to find the guilty driver in this case. In order to do that, the witnesses need to help this mother by discreetly revealing what they saw to authorities. Blaming Mayor Fulop for this terrible loss won’t help solve the problem. Witnesses can help to get dangerous people out of our neighborhoods. I hope they will eventually help out the investigators in bringing the law breaker to face his/her penalties.

    • Linda I was present at the time when Jermaine Woodard Jr was hit by both of the cars. I also as well as other that was presented told the JCPD what has happened. The mayor and his chief of police told us that did not happened. So before you make your statement get your facts straight. In as you giving your condolences to his mother Jermaine also had a father that was in his life. So please give both parents that respect for they both are hurt for their lost!!!!! #RIP Jermaine #JUSTICE

  2. I hate that race had to be bought into the conversation to make a point. Someone knows EXACTLY who hit that child and most likely the person who KNOWS isnt white nor jewish. As for jews moving in, if people in the freenville section would take care of their neighborhood, that wouldnt be happening. The amount of abandoned buildings and empty lots. Most people in that neighborhood get money and move. They dont want to invest but get mad when other people do.

    • I really don’t reply back to to dumb messages but this funny I never said it was a race issue everyone that misunderstood what I said took it as a race thing I stated facts if my son was a different little child the out come would’ve been different I have articles of the same issue and ppl got locked up 2 young men got hit by a car speeding the two young men died the next day the driver had a MILLION Dollar bail I can’t get JUSTICE for my son even when the driver stated he and his brother hit my son . WHAT do u think . PLS THE TWO PPL THAT GOT KILLED ONE OF THEM WAS white the other guy was his friend they made sure they locked up the driver