WNY Mayor Felix Roque defends re-election letter, stands by track record


A West New York resident questioned a letter to the editor submitted by Mayor Felix Roque yesterday regarding his re-election, with Roque standing his ground. He pointed to a nearly zero percent tax increase under his administration, a decrease in crime and brand new parks – among other initiatives.


“I’m extremely proud of all the teachers in West New York. We are getting one of the best educations there is in the country,” Roque said when asked about improving the school systems in town.

“What I’m trying to do is empower the teachers to be able to teach, instead of having the politics interfere with the teaching.”

“All I have to say is look at the results,” Roque exclaimed when the success of his administration was questioned. “Zero taxes, crime is down, brand new parks … not bad.”

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  1. Mayor roque has done nothing but try to tear the school system apart to fund his own agenda. There are several reports to show it. He destroys anyone or anything that disagrees with him. He is a cancer to this town and it’s children. He doesn’t want to empower teachers he wants to control the boe. It’s shameful

  2. He tries to destroy people too. Just look at his record – all these lawsuits because of his misdeeds. He doesn’t care who he hurts. He’s a sick, evil SOB and these politicians who support him are just as bad.

  3. Nico: why don’t you provide for your daughter? do you think that the miserable few dollar you give the mother of your daughter is enough to raise a child? You should get a second job in the evening so that your daughter does not have to depend on welfare. I have no respect for “men” who pretend to be “leaders of the community” but who cannot even provider for his little children.