WNY BOE Pres. Steven Rodas hit with slew of building violations, documents show


West New York Board of Education President Steven Rodas, who was appointed to the position just one week ago, was issued a slew of building violation fines on Monday at his home on 67th Street, documents obtained by Hudson County View reveal.

At last week’s BOE meeting, residents questioned Rodas on whether or not he actually lived in town.

The violations, which come with a $2,000 fine for filling the residence without a certificate of occupancy – and an additional $2,000 penalty for each week the fine isn’t remedied – have a number of other issues that did not have a monetary sanction attached to them.

For starters, the building is cited for removing an illegal wall and repairing/replacing carbon monoxide detectors in the bedroom of the front house at the second floor apartment.

Additionally, the front house of the first floor apartment failed to provide an emergency exit from the bedroom. Furthermore, the rear house at the first floor apartment needs to have the carbon monoxide detectors in the hallway repaired or replaced.

The rear house at the second floor apartment is requested to have the interior door locks on the bedroom doors removed and finally, the common area of the rear house is required to have debris removed from the front boiler in the hallway.

According to the violation, Rodas has until September 26 to fix the problems with the home. Dating back to June 20, 2012, the property has had issues with broken pipes, gas meters and the door locks on the bedroom doors.

Based on an apartment lease linked back to 515 67th Street, in July 2013, Jose Rodas – Steven’s father – indicated he would be renting the property to seven people for $28,800 for the year between July 2013 and June 2014.

While Jose Rodas rented the property, tax records indicate that Steven Rodas obtained the home in question back in 2012.

When Hudson County View rang the doorbells at both buildings around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, one resident indicated that Steven lived upstairs in the back house and wasn’t sure when he would be home.

Steven Rodas did not return calls or text messages seeking comment.

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