With no challengers, Hudson County Executive Craig Guy named new HCDO chair


Hudson County Executive Craig Guy was named the new chairman of the local Democratic party at this evening’s bi-annual reorganization meeting, an expected result since at least April with no other candidates emerging.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Then-HCDO Chair Anthony Vainieri, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop (who didn’t attend), New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chair Leroy Jones, and Gov. Phil Murphy (D) all endorsed Guy for the post in May.

Additionally, state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack did in March before he was a declared candidate, essentially eliminating the possibility of anyone else running.

“It’s been two years since I’ve been the chair, I’ve had all the support from the 12 mayors, the county executive, all the county committee members, and from the bottom of my heart … it’s been the biggest honor to be the chairman,” Vainieri said at County Prep High School in Jersey City.

“It’s a great organization, I hope I made you proud, I think we did a lot the last couple years: two new state senators, six new Assembly people, and coming off a tremendous victory for Congressman [Rob] Menendez. Thank you.”

He also specifically thanked North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, North Bergen Democratic Committee Chair John Belluardo, and Assemblyman Julio Marenco (D-33) for their support before asking Menendez to served as chairman pro tempore.

The Democratic nominee for the 8th Congressional District, seeking a second term in November, then asked for nominations.

Assemblywoman Barbara McCann Stamato, also the Jersey City Democratic Organization chair, nominated Guy for the post, which was seconded by West New York Revenue and Finance Commissioner Adam Parkinson.

No one else was nominated and joining Guy on the HCDO executive committee is West New York Public Affairs Commissioner Marielka Diaz as vice chair, Weehawken Township Administrator Gio Ahmad as recording secretary, Jersey City Committeewoman Darlene Green as corresponding secretary, Bayonne Councilman-at-Large Loyad Booker, Jersey City Committeeman Dominick Pandolfo as treasurer, and Jersey City Committeeman Bill Matsikoudis as parliamentarian.

Guy thanked Vainieri, all 12 mayors, and the committee members for their support before acknowledging that the party has seen some hard times recently, but he still vowed to keep everyone on the same page.

“We went through a tough primary, we’ve gone through tough times in New Jersey and Hudson County. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been talking to various elected officials and throughout the county and the challenge for me, as a new chairperson, is to do my best to make sure Hudson County can remain united,” he said.

“I’ve been challenged on that statement, and I know it’s a hard ask to keep us united, but there’s more that unites us than divides us. So I have a pledge to all the elected officials that are in front of me, to all the committee people that are in front of me … those efforts in various elections, in various civic affairs throughout Hudson County. Without them, myself, and I know some of the other elected officials would not be here.”

Speaking about the presidential race, Guy said that he saw President Joe Biden (D) give an interview yesterday, joking that he plagiarized him, noting that the U.S. Supreme Court hangs in the balance since two justices will be appointed during the next presidential term.

“Donald Trump appointed several Supreme Court justices to the Supreme Court. We see where that has gotten us, right? We see that some of those decisions that have come down from the Supreme Court, most notable women’s rights and the right for an abortion,” Guy said.

“Shame on Republicans and shame on Donald Trump! All elections have consequences, right folks? And that’s the consequence were all suffering now when Donald Trump got elected his first time around.”

Guy also urged residents of the 10th Congressional District, which includes Ward A, B, and F in Jersey City, to vote in the July 16th special election, though he did not back a candidate in the 11-person filed that includes County Commissioner Jerry Walker (D-3).

The election is necessary since late U.S. Rep. Donald Payne died in April. During the short program, Vainieri held a moment of silence for him and Guy acknowledged and thanked him for his service.

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