With Hoboken mayor’s race near, is Romano-Stack feud over?


With the Hoboken mayoral contest just one week away, one storyline that has fallen by the wayside is the feud between State Senator (D-32)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack and Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) appears to have ended just as quickly as it started. Murphy, Stack, Romano

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Stack, whose senate district includes Hoboken, and Romano, one of six Mile Square City mayoral candidates on the November 7th ballot, crossed paths at the annual Brian P. Stack Civic Association fundraiser at Schuetzen Park on Friday.

While a ton of other notable Democrats made over to the North Bergen establishment, including Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, many eyes were on Romano and the man of the hour – who all of a sudden seemed quite cordial with the retired police captain.

Romano unceremoniously entered into a blood feud with the North Hudson power broker after longtime Stack antagonist Joe Blaettler, a retired Union City deputy chief of police, showed up at a Romano for mayor event in late July.

While Stack was expected to lead a relentless charge against Romano on Election Day as a form of political payback, the two exchanged pleasantries and appeared to put the past behind last week.

Sources close to Stack advised Team Romano to pump the brakes though. While the freeholder may no longer be in the state Senator’s crosshairs, don’t expect him to make an endorsement in the Hoboken mayor’s race in the 11th hour.

Stack backed incumbent Dawn Zimmer in March, but that was all for naught when she announced she would not be seeking a third term in late June.

While several candidates had courted Stack’s subsequent support in the race, the Union City kingpin will be watching this one from the sidelines.



  1. Stack knows the importance of community and Stick Romano genuinely cares about Hoboken. Stack would be wise to send his troops to Hoboken to help Romano. DeFusco is building up a North Bergen backed army and will make Stack look like an amateur if Stack fails to back Stick.

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