While in prison, ex-Hoboken Council President Campos hit with $22K ELEC fine


While serving a 30-month prison sentence for his alleged role in a $7 million New York-based car loan scheme, former Hoboken Council President Chris Campos was hit with over $22,000 in campaign finance fines that date all the way back to 2007.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On January 15th, the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC) voted to fine Campos $22,231 for reporting expenditures and contributions at least eight years late in connection to his unsuccessful 2007 re-election campaign.

In the decision, ELEC said that Campos failed to report a number of things in a timely fashion, including (but not limited to) 443 expenditures coming out to $62,961, 56 contributions totaling $73,000, and failing to file seven contributions worth $12,650 that fell in the 48-hour filing window.

Back in the June 2007 runoff election in Hoboken’s 4th ward, then relatively unknown Dawn Zimmer beat Campos, who was first elected in 2001, by just eight votes.

Campos contested the result in the court for months, resulting in Zimmer agreeing to vacate the council seat in September 2007 before besting the incumbent one more time in November of the same year.

Zimmer would go on to serve two terms as mayor, first getting elected in 2009.

This isn’t the first former Hoboken official to feel ELEC’s wrath in recent memory, with disgraced ex-Mayor Peter Cammarano hit with $95,000 in ELEC fines back in November.

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