West New York team aiming to unseat Roque raised $146k in 2018, has $25k on hand


The New Beginnings West New York slate aiming to unseat Mayor Felix Roque raised nearly $146,000 in 2018 and has about $25,000 on hand as prime election season is ready to begin. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The slate, headed by Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez, raised $145,774 in 2018, despite not formally breaking off from Roque until June, and have about $25,460 on hand, according to a report filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission on January 16th.

Also joined by Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo and Margarita Guzman, as well as first time candidates Victor Barrera and Yoleisy Yanez, held their campaign kickoff earlier this month as political observers eagerly await Roque’s next move.

Roque has not filed a personal ELEC report since January 16th, 2018, according to their website, though the most recent Team Roque filing from July 16th, 2018, showed $118,522 raised for the second quarter of last year with $5,208 on hand.

However, that’s back when Rodriguez, Cirillo and Guzman were still on the same page with the mayor and Commissioner Susan Colacurcio.

Roque is yet to announce his slate yet, though he has said several times in the past that he will be seeking a third term.

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