West New York Mayor Roque-backed BOE slate announces platform


Children First, the West New York Board of Education team supported by Mayor Felix Roque, have formally announced their platform, which includes promoting STEAM programs and parental involvement.

The Children First board of education team in West New York. From left to right: David Morel, Jose Alcantara and Adam Parkinson.
The Children First board of education team in West New York. From left to right: David Morel, Jose Alcantara and Adam Parkinson.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am running due to the fact that I believe in the promise of our public school system and I truly want to help make it better. I am expecting a child of my own in November and he will eventually be enrolled in this district,” Board Trustee David Morel said in a statement.

“I consider this to be the main driving force for me to help make the West New York Public School District the best it can be!”

Morel, who was appointed to the board in May, works in a managerial role for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and also serves as a part-time legislative aide to Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32).

“I want to lay the foundation that will cultivate the next generation of leaders in this community, and I know people will see the passion I have for community and the principles of democracy,” said candidate Jose Alcantara.

Alcantara, a 2008 graduate of Memorial High School, currently works in town’s tax assessor office and is taking classes to earn his master’s degree in public administration at St. Peter’s University.

“The decision to run for re-election to the West New York Board of Education is cemented in my desire to represent the citizens of the town,” added Board President Adam Parkinson.

“While I feel my fellow trustees and I have made great strides, it is important to continue progress.”

Parkinson is the youngest serving BOE member in West New York history, appointed at age 20, and was the valedictorian at Memorial High School in 2013.

As far as their goals on the board, the Children First team said they plan on promoting science, technology, arts and mathematics programs to enhance student achievement, encouraging more parental involvement in the schools, supporting teachers and staff, updating buildings to create better, safer learning environments and finding cost-effective solutions to maximize student success.

Political operative Pablo Fonseca will be running their campaign.

Yesterday, Hudson County View reported that the mayor and the board of commissioners are hosting a fundraiser for the team at Las Palmas on September 29.

Eight candidates are seeking three, three-year terms on the West New York BOE in this election cycle. Election Day is November 8.


  1. what happen to the days that to be part of the board of education you had to have the experience of being a teacher and or being a principal and just having knowlage of the shool goings on. knowing what the kids need. who are all these people that this mayer is appointing.

  2. Will Jose Alcantara agree to a Drug test?

    A Drug Dealer/Promoter and admitted School Fraudster cheat should not be one to be elected to a School board seat West NY…. More to come

  3. These guys are so full of bull, especially Parkinson. He thinks his job is “to represent the citizens of this town”? What a fool. His job on the Bd of Ed is to serve the school district.

    And the only person he represents there is Roque. He’s a Roque puppet just like the rest of them. Nothing will ever change until they are all eliminated.
    And for an extra dose of sleaze, they bring back the lowlife Fonseca to run the campaign.

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