West New York introduces $85M budget with 1.6 percent property tax decrease


The West New York Board of Commissioners approved a preliminary $85 million budget on Wednesday that will come with a rarely seen 1.6 percent property tax decrease.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

West New York residents deserve a local government that delivers on the priorities we all share while ensuring that we manage our finances responsibly, and I could not be prouder to vote to introduce this budget document that accomplishes both of those goals,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said in a statement.

“We were elected to bring a New Beginning to our community and this municipal budget is the first step toward delivering on that promise.”

Revenue & Finance Commissioner Margarita Guzman helped produce this budget, which she believes sets the community on a positive path to accomplish many of the goals of the new administration.

“Our entire finance team has worked for months to craft this budget despite difficult circumstances and pressure from outside forces to violate important principles like the hiring freeze that help us keep expenses in check,” Guzman added.

“I’m proud that we did not relent and stuck to sound budgeting principles, and the result will be much-needed tax relief for West New York residents, especially working families and senior citizens who need it most.”

The Town of West New York is one of the only municipalities in the State of New Jersey that has significantly held the line on taxes for two consecutive years.

The proposed municipal tax decrease will offset the West New York School District’s increase, and most of the County of Hudson’s increase.

In April, the West New York Board of Education approved a $152 million budget with a two percent tax increase, while the county has not voted on their preliminary budget yet.

The municipal budget, which 3.5 percent more than last year, will be discussed at a public meeting on July 10th before the board of commissioners vote to adopt and send to the State Department of Community Affairs for final approval.

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  1. WNY Parking Authority generates about $11 million a year now with all the Fees and required decals. Not to mention all the Ticket $ generated. To Bad WNYPA Director Amiris Perez and her gang of Lawyers and Admin crooks steal most of it. Tax Payers missing the benefits of all that Cash. Same Bunch of corrupt Lawyers also run Town Gov’t and are put there by powers that be to kick back.

  2. New Beginnings Lied to their supporters. Were not going to Forget! Bad people still in charge in many places.

  3. Biggest Rackets are those so called inspector/code enforcement jobs in townhall.
    Violations all over town from trash,fire code and building violations. Oh lets not forget the Dog poop all over sidewalks besides garbage. Insult is dog poop like a mine field by DPW Garage.

    Inspector records and time sheets need to be opra. No show jobs costing hundreds of thousands in WNY!