West New York introduces $80M budget with 1.95% tax increase


The West New York Board of Commissioners introduced an $80,197,483 budget that would come with a 1.95 percent tax increase at a special meeting on Thursday night.


“The overall tax increase is a little under two, it’s about 1.95 [percent]. My finance department, my CFO [chief financial officer], everyone else, worked very diligent,” Revenue and Finance Commissioner Sue Colacurcio told Hudson County View after the roughly 10-minute meeting concluded.

“The commissioners are resourceful, we all came together as we said we would. The small [tax] increase that we have is basically determined by contractual obligations and state mandates. Other than that, we have a very tight budget.”

Colacurcio added that keeping taxes stable has been a top priority for Mayor Felix Roque’s administration, who was re-elected with a fresh slate of commissioners just over a year ago.

“We’ve done a lot, a lot is to come and we’ve done it with less,” she also said.

Roque also gave credit to the commissioners and town CFO Margaret Cherone on a job well done, expressing that one of his top priority’s in office is to keep West New York affordable for everyone.

“I gotta say I give credit to all my commissioners, because they’re part of the team and they’re the ones that have been doing the sacrifice, cutting the costs, and at the same time, providing fantastic service … at all departments,” the mayor stated.

“… We’re all working for the same purpose: to help the taxpayers. Because it’s very hard, at the end of the day, to pay taxes and not be able to eat three meals a day. And that’s the kind of constituents we have here in this great town. A lot of people cannot afford to go out and enjoy life because they can’t … pay for their needs.”

No members of the public spoke at the special meeting.

The proposed budget is about $3.5 million more than last year, which came with a 3.82 percent tax increase. That budget was approved at an unusually brief meeting that lasted just eight minutes back in July.

The next board of commissioners meeting is set for June 16th at noon at Town Hall, located at 428 60th St.


  1. What are you going to sell next year 1 shot deals do not solve budget gaps,doesn’t the finance commissioner realize that.can’t sell the garage Vega mortgaged it for 30 years. What’s left….Roque will sell the Little League watch….one of his cronies will buy it and a high rise will rise….mayor defino.is turning in his grave

  2. This guy ROQUE is a punk. That tax increase amounts to $320 on my property on me and my neighbors !… That is on top of the 4 % last year which was another $700 on a 16K property tax per year !

    Obviously John does not own property cause he just stands there and does not ask where the extra $4 Million dollars is going to ?… Simple , to ROQUE’S gang of criminals !…In fact John says oh that tax increase is low ?… The fact is there should be no new taxes if money wasn’t handed out for free and it is the REPORTER’S duty to ask this !

    Everyone knows who I am and by me showing up at a town meeting and getting arrested will not solve anything . And yes I tried to put this PUNK ROQUE out of office just for free with no money involved or job in return.

    It is up to all Reporters to ask the tough line questions and expose all the lies and cheats , not me !… Jesus Christ John, I’m really getting tired . # endofrant

    • 1. There’s a link attached that compares the 2015 figures to 2016, there was no reason to ask because the answers are already there.

      2. Every single municipality and board of education that has introduced or approved a budget has raised taxes this year. This includes North Bergen, Bayonne, Hoboken and the county itself. WNY is the lowest proposed tax increase of the county thus far, look it up.

  3. Someone has to pay for all the Pending and already settled Roque Lawsuits..

    Time for Recall Talk in WNY. Count Wiley where Are You??

  4. The criminals must be taken off the payrolls, former commissioner Ruben Vargus is still on two payrolls for 75,000 grand . He’s a convicted thief by the Feds and waiting to be sentenced.
    He is the head of security watching the money in the parking authority and security chief in the housing authority. The two boards have Roque’s hand picked puppets appointed by Roque . The former Deputy Mayor and his family are winning law suits every time you turn around and is still on the payroll. What a disgrace.

  5. Why is the town Union sitting on its hands in negotiating a new Town employee contract again? It is now 7 months late. CWA Local 1045 is a stooge for the Mayor and his team. Time for a probe or an investigation of this phony Union!
    Union leaders all have recieved political favors/jobs and settled lawsuits in their favor.
    This is the facts!

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