Weehawken family shares horror story of buying sick puppy from Lucky Pet Shop


Weehawken mother Jackie Chong has sworn that the death of her family’s puppy Marley, whom they bought from the Lucky Pet Shop in Union City, will not be in vain since former store owner Oscar Cardenas will be brought to justice.


Hudson County View reported on Friday that Oscar Cardenas was arrested last month on animal cruelty charges based on the conditions of the Lucky Pet Shop on New York Avenue in Union City, subsequently working out a plea deal for the charges during his first court appearance.

Chong, a single mother, and her 15-year-old son, Ayden Vaval, were gracious enough to invite us into their home to discuss the trials and tribulations they encountered as a result of purchasing their bulldog puppy, Marley.

Chong recalled that the dog was purchased for $1,500 on December 23, the day her oldest son Christian got engaged, before bringing him home on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, Marley almost immediately showed signs of being seriously ill.

Chong said her family was quite fortunate with the initial medical bills, as the first two vet visits only cost $187. However, that was of little consequence when Marley’s health continued to struggle.

Chong further explained that at Marley’s third vet visit, this time at Hoboken Animal Hospital, the pup needed IV treatment for dehydration and was once again suffering from parasites.

The medical costs totaled nearly $700 this time around. Things got even worse on February 13th, when Chong returned home from a wedding and Marley began suffering from seizures.

She rushed her family’s beloved pet to the Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus around 8 p.m. that night, where she had to write a check for $2,200 to compensate for the intensive care.

By around 2 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, doctors said Marley had suffered facial paralysis and it was unlikely that his condition would improve.

While the story had a tragic ending, receiving his ashes yesterday, Chong and Vaval’s eyes lit up when asked if Marley was still able to showcase his personality during his short stay in their Oak Street home.

Chong added that she has spoken to Cardenas recently and “he just doesn’t sound sympathetic” about the whole situation, also calling the conditions at Lucky Pet Shop “disgusting” – blaming only her own ignorance for not seeing the severity of the situation then.

Finally, Chong said that anyone associated with Cardenas or the Lucky Pet Shop “should be ashamed of themselves,” saying through tears that she promised Marley his death wouldn’t be in vain.

Anyone wishing to help the family can donate to their GoFundMe page.

Cardenas could not be reached for comment.

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  1. My puppy name is Brooklyn she also was purchased Christmas week Dec22
    An she also became sick a few days after purchased
    Doing all we could knot knowing the severity of her weakened ammune system
    Continue to treat her an help her but it just wasn’t working
    Gasping for air she was rushed to the mass & Rhode island emergency animal hospital were she was cared for around the clock
    Brooklyn was taken back home here she stayed on oxygen for several days an meds
    After a weeks time of this little Brooklyn seemed better an playing once again
    Poor Brooklyn s week ammune system could knot handle this an she relapsed back to were she was a week prior
    This time we didn’t think our little girl would pull threw the sleepless nights making sure she is getting oxygen an meds around the clock to watching a little baby struggle to stay alive was absolutely horrible
    But we’ll worth everything
    The sleepless nights
    To the expensive cost
    Little Brooklyn is one that did survive that nasty disgusting store
    Never gave up an a true fighter
    We were very lucky an you all can see her markings of her.s. matching her brothers an sisters that didn’t make it
    Thanks for everyone s help saving her life
    Would be nice to get some of the money back totalling up to thousands
    But to see her running around
    An the bad people going to jail makes me happy
    But for Brooklyn s brothers an sisters R I P
    She will see u all again some day
    Run free puppies run free

  2. I also have a story to tell about this pet store
    Puppy kill
    Would love to get my story out there
    I have a survivor of this puppy horror
    Little Brooklyn an would love to tell all about her amazing fight to stay alive
    An the three weeks of hell to keep her alive
    An the thousands of dollars it cost to save her
    Would love to get this out there so no other families will ever have to go threw this again
    Brooklyn. Is being a puppy an hopefully live a long life
    An there sit in jail for a long time
    Thanks all Mark & Brooklyn

  3. OMG,I just purchased a puppy from this man he now has a website and sells the bulldogs from his apartment.I came all the way from philadelphia and paid 1200 for a girl he told me she was born 3/1/16 but when I received paperwork it said 2/1/16. When I tried to call him about this his phone number was disconnected. Now. My puppy has cherry eye in both eyes and needs surgery which I can’t afford what should I do?