‘We took over this ****ing Capitol:’ Jersey City Trump supporter charged in Jan. 6 siege


A Jersey City Trump supporter has been charged for the January 6th siege as the U.S. Capitol after posting videos and pictures on social media, one of which that said “we took over this ***ing Capitol,” according to court documents.

Inset photo of Hector Vargas via the FBI.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Hector Emmanuel Vargas Santos, also known as Hector Vargas, of Jersey City, has been charged with a four-count information accusing him of entering and remaining in a restricted building, disruptive and disorderly conduct in a restricted building, violent entry into a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

Vargas, who was 33 years old when he arrested for terroristic threats in Jersey City after police responded to a domestic violence call in July, is among nearly 200 people who have been charged for the January 6th insurrection that left five people dead and dozens injured.

According to the January 14th criminal complaint charging him, a tipster contacted the FBI the following day and informed them that Vargas had posted pictures and videos on his social media pages showing he had made his way into the Capitol Rotunda.

This was the same day that Real Garden State reported that Vargas’ involvement had been reported to the federal authorities.

The charging document also notes that at least one other person contacted the FBI and sent them videos from Vargas’ social media pages.

“WE THE PEOPLE TOOK OVER THE U.S. CAPITOL. #HOLDTHELINE,” one of his Facebook posts said, though his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have since been deleted.

In a video that was posted to his Facebook page in the midst of the chaos at the Capitol, Vargas exclaimed “we took over this mother****** … we took over this ***ing Capitol, tell them,” the complaint continues.

The complaint also notes that the Jersey City Times had touted Vargas as an “unsung hero” over the summer for community work during the COVID-19 pandemic, though he was later accused of stealing donations to charitable causes.

They also later reported that Vargas had participated in the Capitol insurrection.

The court documents do not list an attorney representing Vargas in the case.


  1. A good lawyer should be able to easily prove Hector Vargas entered the Capitol like so many others as the doors were opened and they were waved in. It’s on public videos published after all. Hector Vargas should get a loitering ticket but we know how a Hispanic man will be treated who is not loyal to The DemoKKKrat Party.

    Most stayed between the ropes and walked around taking pictures with the police. Funny, the DemoKKKrats don’t like seeing any of the backed Occupy facsimile actions they adored for years not to mention the hundreds of riots around the country they backed, funded and supported over months last year. Dozens killed, thousands hospitalized and billions in damages and all they could do was smile. Well, smile and send in money to bail out their criminal pals as instructed by Kamala Harris.

    Can’t wait to see the next act of these Regressive totalitarians. God bless Mr. Vargas!


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