‘We need to get it done,’ Mayor Zimmer says on flood resiliency plan


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer presented a comprehensive strategy to protect the city from flooding and natural disasters and also encouraged citizens to be proactive with the plan.


Zimmer explained that the federal government is willing, “to give me money for the fire stations but not for the entire city.” By winning $230 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD): Rebuild by Design campaign, is the city’s opportunity to implement a resiliency plan.

She also explained the four components of the strategy: resist, delay, store and discharge.

Additionally, Hoboken residents were asked to help implement the Delay strategy in their own homes. City Hall will lead by example by placing rain guards around the building.

Furthermore, Zimmer mentioned that there can be grants provided if the residents opt to implement these changes to their homes.

Zimmer will also develop a Citizens Advisory Committee which will also include several members from the housing authority, and board members. This committee will have quarterly meetings to make sure that the implementation is progressive.

“We can’t study forever,” said Mayor Zimmer, “We need to get it done.”

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  1. Sure that’s why we have so many failures in the Zimmer admin she refuses to rely on the experts our taxes pay salaries for. All Zimmer PR all the time. She wants to appoint her self appointed corrupt boards members for oversight. Absolute corruption.