Villa Borinquen Tenants Association hosts meeting, Councilman Daniel Rivera gets called out


The Villa Borinquen Tenants Association held a meeting to inform and organize residents involved in a tenant-landlord dispute.

The underlying issue of the tenants is based on back rents being charged, claiming that the management company did not properly notify them of rent increases.

Freeholder Junior Maldonado, a supporter of the tenants, attended the meeting and spoke briefly to the crowd.

Charles Odei, the director of the city’s Division of Tenant Landlord Relations, informed residents about the need to start a legal defense fund, and the tactics he thought the management company would use.

Evette Gaetan, the chair of the tenants association, spoke directly to the majority Spanish-speaking crowd about the need to organize and demonstrate. In addition, Awilda Mojica, the secretary of the tenants association, thanked the many elected officials who have supported them, but had strong words for Councilman Daniel Rivera.

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