Vid captures aftermath of 14-year-old teen handing newborn baby to Jersey City restaurant patron


A viral Facebook Live video captured the immediate aftermath of a 14-year-old teen handing a newborn baby to a Jersey City restaurant patron Wednesday afternoon.

“What’s up live? Wow, I cannot believe what just happened at my neighborhood restaurant with my special friend a lady comes in and hands her a baby – apparently a new born – and runs out,” Walter Cocca says in a video that has already amassed 595,000 views as of Friday morning.

“You probably won’t believe this, this is crazy, we’re having lunch and a woman left her baby … A woman leaves her baby as we are sitting having lunch.”

Cocca was at El Patron restraurant, located at 1710 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, when a 14-year-old teen unexpectedly dropped off the baby.

Jersey City police can be seen responding to the incident and giving the baby oxygen as Alease Scott cradles the infant.

ABC 7 had a chance to speak with the couple and reported that police have since located the mother and both her and her baby are doing okay.

Furthermore, the mother is currently not facing any criminal charges, the TV station reported.

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    • My heart bleeds for the 14yr old mom. She probably gave birth and was all alone, very traumatic for a teenager. She must have been in shock and maybe she thought the baby was dead and the reason she ran away.

      God bless them both and I’m praying for a positive outcome.

    • Even a young, inexperienced mama has instincts when it comes to protecting their baby. I hope she is strong enough to know she can raise her child.

  1. I agree…She is just a child herself.. This could have ended much differently..
    Bless her heart…May she and this precious child find the help they both need
    May the Angels surround both of them with their Love, Healing Energy and Comfort…

    • Mother is also an innocent kid …. she is not mature enough to have a baby and take care of her … mother also need someone who can handle her in this situation and guide her according to situation …. she is only 14 …

  2. As a person who’s mother was 14 when she gave birth to me I can sympathize with this girl. The only difference is my mother had support from my grandparents. My Mom was a baby having a baby. I feel sad for this young girl who thought she had no choice or felt embarassed or lost. But yet had the wherewithal to seek help for her baby. Must have been so scary for her. My grandparents raised me thankfully but I had a relationship with my mother. Praying for her and her baby’s safety.

  3. What get me is the way the recorder is acting as if the child just handed her baby to a stranger and left. The child seeked help, waited on help and the lady asked to hold the baby. Wasn’t no having luch and someone walked up to them and handed them a baby. From what I saw, she was terrified that the child was dead is her reason for leaving. I would not have wanted to hear those words either.