Union City cop helps grant terminally ill 6-year-old’s wish to meet rapper 6ix9ine


Seeking to aid a local family in need, a Union City police officer help grant a terminally ill six-year-old’s wish to meet New York-born rapper 6ix9ine – who unexpectedly decided to cover the family’s rent for the next year. 

“Give this to mommy: that’s rent money right there, okay?,” the 22-year-old upstart rapper said to Frank Miranda, 6, of Union City, in a viral Facebook video taken by Officer Carlos Pina that has reached nearly 3 million views.

Miranda is currently home with his parents Jose and Eliza since medical professionals have informed the family there is nothing more they can do for the young boy since he is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

According to Pina, 6ix9ine’s generosity came after learning that Frank’s parents have stopped working in order to spend each and every waking moment with their son.

“During the visit, Tekashi 69 (another alias of 6ix9ine) spoke with Franklin’s dad, Jose, and mom, Eliza, who informed him that doctors cannot do anything more for their son,” Pina recalled.

“Tekashi took off his diamond ring and gave it to Franklin, then handing him $16,000 and asked him to give it to his mother so she could cover rent for the next year.”

Pina, who is also the producer and owner of music company Pina Productionz, also said when he heard about the Miranda family’s struggles, he couldn’t just sit idly by.

“I grew up not having much in Brooklyn, so I love to give back to my community. But as a Latino, I feel the need to help my people.”