Two ex-WNY employees awarded $200,000 each in lawsuit settlements


Kim and Tom O’Malley will receive payouts of approximately $200,000 each over the course of the next four years after having their lawsuits against the town of West New York settled. They will also resume their respective jobs in the building department on August 15.

UPDATE 2:54 p.m. Thursday

The town of West New York has issued a press release welcoming Kim and Tom O’Malley back.

“The Mayor and Commissioners welcome Tom O’Malley and Kim Geneux back to the WNY building department,” town spokesman Pablo Fonseca said in a prepared statement.

“The Mayor and Commissioners have full confidence that Kim and Tom will continue to run the building department in an honest, efficient, and effective manner, drawing upon their history of devoted service to the people of West New York.”

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  1. I would like to clear up a rumor, lol, that since the mayor, the town attorney( Mr SCARINCI ) and myself were absent from this afternoon’s Commission meeting that we were hammering out a deal for me to become deputy mayor. Not only is that not true but they have never offered me a job as the last administration never offered me a job.My application and my intentions to help this town has been known as of 4 years ago.To no avail,as much as I want to help this town, that I would only work for the people of West New York and in their best interests as opposed to the administrations’.Enjoy the remainder of the summer!!

  2. As an intrepid reporter, John Heinis, you have covered this story back to the issues that Mr. O’Malley raised that led to his and his then -fiancee’s very unjust firing. Roque should pay this settlement out of his own pocket. Now that the O’Malley’s have their well-deserved justice, Roque should apologize to them and to the Town for his abuse of authority in their politically motivated and illegal firing.

  3. This town is hemorrhaging money
    The “Roque Administration” should never of been elected.
    This settlement is a reflection of how much is not known about managing people.Regardless of what some will say against O’Malley-you have to handle these situations with tact.This is just the tip of whats gone wrong in the administrations first half
    If you know the workings of Hudson County Politics-you then know Roque has made nice nice with the powers that be.If there is more than one ticket on the slate trying to unseat Roque-that will be just what he wants.Historically,the incumbent comes out on top when three or more tickets are on the slate,especially in Hudson Co.
    What gets me is some of Roques biggest detractors are the ones who fought hardest to get him elected.
    Never a dull moment around here.

  4. Frank Ferreiro is a P.O.S

    A turn coat!

    Frank Ferreiro Why did you sell your soul and throw your supporters under a bus?
    How could you join Dr. Mayor Felix Roque (Fidel of WNY) and his Corrupt Machine????

    Shame on you!!!!

    Frank Ferreiro just another sell out to the Corruption in our town! So Sad 🙁

    A Bigger P.O.S than Roque…… Frank Ferreiro!

  5. I love reading these articles and reading the comments. WNY a treasure of laughable behavior by amateur wannabe politicians, of whom none talk about issues and the real concerns of its citizens. All of you pathetic parasites deserve each other. Last decent person to leave WNY, a once great town, turn off the lights, so that hopefully the Vermins who are running it, eat each other.