‘Time to reckon with deep flaws’ in society after George Floyd killing, Sires says


Now is the “time to reckon with deep flaws” in our society and justice system following the killing of George Floyd, U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) said this afternoon.

A protest for George Floyd is still going in Newark this afternoon. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“George Floyd was killed by the very people who are supposed to protect our communities. When Derek Chauvin ignored his pleas of ‘I can’t breathe,’ he ignored Mr. Floyd’s humanity, something that happens far too often in this country,” Sires said.

” … While the violence we’ve seen taking over peaceful protests is indefensible, it is long past time for us to reckon with the deep flaws and divisions that exist in our society and justice system. For Mr. Floyd and every single soul that we have lost to racism and hate, we must actively pursue justice and work to create a world where future generations do not have to live in fear.”

Protests have spanned across the country in light of Floyd, a black man, being killed by Chauvin, a white police officer, after putting his knee across his neck after Floyd had already been handcuffed.

Chauvin has since been fired and charged for murder, while several protests have led to police precincts and vehicles being set on fire.

The first major protest in New Jersey is ongoing in Newark this afternoon.

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