The Factory, popular Jersey City lounge, summonsed for having large crowds inside without masks


The Factory, a popular Jersey City restaurant and lounge, was summonsed for having large crowds inside without masks, Chief Municipal Prosecutor Jake Hudnut said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Jersey City police have received 14 calls for service at The Factory over the last two months. I’ve asked the ABC [Alcohol Beverage Control] board to consider filing administrative charges for a temporary loss of liquor license,” Hudnut said this morning.

“They also have pending applications for expanded outdoor seating and I will ask that they deny those applications as well.”

Yesterday, Hudnut tweeted a short video indicating that there were “100s of people inside” with almost no one wearing a mask. He also noted that they have been warned over other issues such as noise complaints and blocking fire exits.

Indoor dining is still not permitted in New Jersey, with Gov. Phil Murphy (D) delaying the restart of outdoor dining, which was originally scheduled for Thursday, citing irresponsible establishments and patrons down the shore.

“We’re not looking to punish anyone, we’re just looking for everyone to follow the rules to keep everyone safe,” Hudnut added.

The summonses were issued to Robert Paulino, the owner of The Factory, and come with the a maximum penalty of $2,000 fines each and jail time, according to the chief municipal prosecutor.

Paulino could not be immediately reached for comment.

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